One Finger Death Punch 2: All Achievement Guide

The world’s fastest brawler is back. Experience cinematic kung-fu in the most epic stickman fighter ever made. Staying true to the original, you play with only two buttons. Every press matters, do not button mash!

There are no missable achievements in this game. You can aquire all of the achievements within a single playthrough and at any time you feel like going for them.

Keep Fighting! – Do not Button Smash!

Nothing to say about the following achievements. Just keep fighting. These achievements are tracked in every mode the game has to offer.

What to kill.

Your kung fu is not strongAchieve 5000 kill count
You are legendAchieve 10000 kill count
Kill 5000 grey enemiesKill 5000 grey enemies
Kill 1000 green enemiesKill 1000 green enemies
Kill 1000 blue enemiesKill 1000 blue enemies
Kill 320 brawlersKill 320 brawlers
Fight meKill 1000 brawlers
Defeat 10 nemesisDefeat 10 nemesis
Normal looking brawlers which just need way more inputs to defeat
I’m the real bossKill 250 bosses
NOT available in blind mode!

and how to do it:

Kill with ball of death 250 timesKill with ball of death 250 times
Kill using a weapon 2000 timesKill using a weapon 2000 times
Kill using a power weapon 1000 timesKill using a power weapon 1000 times.
Only laser sword kills count
Kill using a chainsaw 1000 timesKill using a chainsaw 1000 times
Achieve a 150 hit comboAchieve a 150 hit combo
A storm is comingTornado kick 15 times.
The short Auto-Attack animation – random event
It’s party timeGet a dance party
The long Auto-Attack animation – random event
Use skills 500 timesUse skills 500 times
Spirit attack 500 timesSpirit attack 500 times
Catch a weapon 100 timesCatch a weapon 100 times


You only need to beat the last level on each map for the following achievements to unlock.

Note, that the path splits in area 3.
There are 2 routes to follow: 3 > 4 > 6 > 8 and 3 > 5 > 7 > 8.
These routes are not exclusive, you can go for both of them.

Complete tutorial level 16Complete tutorial level 16
Complete the forestComplete the forest
Complete the swampsComplete the swamps
Complete the lava landsComplete the lava lands.
Leads both to area 4 and 5
Complete the ice landsComplete the ice lands
Leads to area 6
Complete the alien crash siteComplete the alien crash site
Leads to area 7
Complete the sky landsComplete the sky lands
Complete the wastelandsComplete the wastelands
Complete the land of templesComplete the land of temples
Can be reached through both area 6 and 7
VictoryBeat the last level on the Map

Just to make sure:
There is no achievement-related reason to play the 35 bonus level, which unlock after the “Victory” achievement.

While completing all these areas, you’ll also unlock:

Unlock 10 trophiesUnlock 10 trophies
Unlock 20 trophiesUnlock 20 trophies
Marching onComplete 100 levels
The wise master wanders the landsComplete 150 levels
Get perfect 5 timesGet perfect 5 times
Get 3 stars 99 timesGet 3 stars 99 times
Get 4 stars 50 timesGet 4 stars 50 times
Get 5 stars 25 timesGet 5 stars 25 times

You’ll soon notice, that the areas aren’t exactly linear.
There are many dead ends, which reward you with revenge tokens and skill points:

Get 10 revenge tokensGet 10 revenge tokens
Use a revenge tokenUse a revenge token

There are some ~40-50 revenge tokens available on the map.
The levels, which reward you with one of those are marked with orange coins on the map.
You can only use them, after you’ve failed a level. You then have the choice between returning to the map, replaying the level or using a revenge token.

You can pretty much waste them, without thinking about it.
There are only 3 really difficult levels in the last areas, in which you can’t even use them, so.

Get 35 skill pointsGet 35 skill points
Highly skilledMax out 10 skills

There’s a total of 78 available skill points to max out all of the 26 skills of this game, so these two should be really easy.
The levels, which reward you with skill points are marked with pink gems on the map.

I highly recommend getting all of them!

If you’re missing some gems, note the branching paths in area 3, which I mentioned at the beginning of this chapter.

Survival & Gauntlet

Alright, let’s talk aboutĀ Blind ModeĀ first, and why it is NOT as hard as it may seem/sound.

Blind mode is negative in 2 ways:

1) It removes the markers beneath your character, which indicated, if your enemies were within reach or not. Not really that big of a deal, since you’ll only unlock blind mode after you’ve played normally for quite a while. Which means you should have a solid feeling for range anyway.

2) It removes the markers beneath your enemies, which illustrated the needed inputs to beat them.
They are instead replaced by a unique symbol per color. That’s not toooo bad though, since you can learn the symbols and the associated inputs, though it may take a while.

BUT! –

Blind mode comes with some really handy advantages!

1) No two-colored enemies
2) No black enemies
3) No bosses — (not to mix up with brawlers – those are still there)

With those gone, it’s actually not that bad.

Alright, that being said, here we go:

Digging in and climbing highPlay survival mode 10 times
Heading to the topUnlock survival tower tier 5
King of the hillUnlock tier 10 in Normal Survival
Climbing the ladder blindUnlock tier 5 in Blind Survival
Blind Survival unlocks, after you’ve reached tier 10 in normal survival
Mastering blind survivalUnlock tier 10 in Blind Survival
No Luca No!Unlock tier 5 in No Luca No Survival
Main Menu -> More -> No Luca No
I hate this stupid catUnlock tier 10 in No Luca No Survival
Who is this kid anyways?Unlock tier 5 in Baby Survival
Baby Survival unlocks, after you’ve reached tier 10 in No Luca No
Why did I even do this?Unlock tier 10 in Baby Survival

Do this AFTER you’ve unlocked all skills!

You do NOT need to reach tier 10 within a single try!
Once you’ve reached a new tier, you can start a new survival attemp starting at said new tier.
Unlocking the 2nd takes 200 kills, the 3rd takes 400 kills and it increases by 200 per tier. Which means you can start at tier 9 and “only” need 1800 kills to get the respective tier 10 achievement per survival mode!

For those, who have played the first One Finger Death Punch:

No Luca No is by far not as bad as in the first game!

Back to this game. Luca does not change the side of your screen, once (s)he spawned. I highly recommend restarting the No Luca No survival as often as needed to get Luca to spawn on your left side of the screen.
Doing so will make the run / tackle and horse riding rounds way easier – and you’ll be needing those free health points.

Master of the GauntletBeat the last level in the Gauntlet Normal
Master of the Blind GauntletBeat the last level in the Gauntlet Blind
Unlocks, after you’ve successfully beat the normal Gauntlet

As with survival – Do this AFTER you’ve unlocked all skills!

You do NOT need to beat every available level!
Your only goal here is to get all the way to the right.

There are some levels with heart icons – those will heal you upon completing them.

Regarding the blind gauntlet:
Do it after the blind survival. You’ll most likely need to have the symbols for the different enemies memorized, or you’ll have an even harder time.

Hidden Achievements & Bonus Stages

Alright then, let’s get to the achievements for which I felt the need to create this guide.

Yes I know this is nothingEnter the background music test

Main Menu > Survival > Press arrow buttons:

Left Right Right Left

Get ready for the real challengeEnter the computer room

Main Menu > More > Press arrow buttons:

Up Right Down Left

Do not leave this screen with the red buttons pressed.
This will enable “hard mode”.

What in the world?Summon the Who’s The Daddy guy

Main Menu -> More -> Click spam the floating icon on the left side of the screen.

Watch your stepComplete 10 stages in Johnny’s Minefield

Main Menu > Press arrow buttons:

Up Down Left Right

Press play and finish the first 10 stages

Why am I doing this?Collect 10 boogers in Flick or Eat

Main Menu -> Up Down Left Right (as in the achievement above) -> Press a second set of arrow buttons:

Right Left Down Up

Press play.

Attention: I was not able to get this mini-game to work with mouse + keyboard and HAD to use a controller.

Move the finger in his nose and pull it out.
Then move the finger together with the pulled booger above his mouth and feed him.

If you pull out a new kind of booger, an icon will appear on screen.
Either that of a finger – flick
Or of a mouth filled with teeth – eat

If you pull out a booger of the same kind again, do what the icon indicated. After you made the right move for a few times, a new kind of booger will appear. Repeat as with the first one.

As soon as you eat the 10th kind of booger in a single playthrough, this achievement will unlock. Took me 620 points (or 62 boogers) to get to the 10th.

Bonus Stages

Enter the SDG Bonus StageEnter the SDG Bonus Stage

Main Menu > More > Credits > Press arrow buttons:

Up Down Up Down

Click the appearing portal. You do not need to win this fight.

Enter the Epic Bonus StageEnter the Epic Bonus Stage

Main Menu > More > Contact > Press arrow buttons:

Down Up Down Up

Click the appearing portal. You do not need to win this fight either.

Enter the Pixel Bonus StageEnter the Pixel Bonus Stageyes
Strange super hard levelBeat the Bonus Pixel level on the map

The pixel stage can be found on the second-to-last map, to the left of the dragon.

Enter the Cloud Bonus StageEnter the Cloud Bonus Stageyes
Super death cloud stage type thingBeat the Bonus Cloud level on the map

The cloud stage can be found on the last map, on the level beneath the sun.

There’s no trick to the last 2 stages. It really comes down to your skill. Do not expect to beat these stages on your first few tries. If there’s one hint I can give you: Unlock all the skills beforehand. It really is helpful.

Written by Brachragon

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