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One Hour One Life – Basic and Advanced Tips

I’ll split these tips into three sections one for everyone, one for civilizations that are newer and starting out and one for more advanced civilizations, these are the most common problems i see that can cause a civilization to either die out or cause major inconvenience later on. Also ignore my steam hours i have about 600 hours playtime and have been playing since March 2018.

Basic Tips

1. As a baby try to stay in a warm spot this will make your food meter go down drastically slower.

2. As you grow up you should try to chain food bonuses. Eating different foods will add to your food meter, although this bonus is invisible it is very strong. A good start to a food bonus is to eat 1 gooseberry then put 1 gooseberry in a bowl and eat that then you can chain off of that through other wild or cooked foods you can find. Eating something you have already eaten will reset the bonus. In the bottom left corner if it shows “yum” then the food will apply to the bonus if it shows “meh” then you have already eaten that food.

Newer Civilization Tips

1. When finding a settle location make sure that you at least have 4+ duck ponds, a warm biome (jungle or desert) and a grassland with a good amount of soil, trees and milkweed nearby.

2. Always make sure to make and fire a clay nozzle when you make your first batch of bowls and plates, this is done by using a skewer on a piece of clay.

3. Make sure when starting a farm you do it as close as possible to the water supply, you should also make sure there is plunty of space between the farm and forge because someone doing blacksmithing will need a decent amount of space (about 4×4 tiles) in front of the forge. Also consider this farm will need room to expand over time.

4. When smithing you should always make an axe first this will keep your fire going and make furture smithing much easier.

5. Always leave at least 3 flat stones, plates and bowls near the forge.

6. Start a seperate fire while making omelettes, try to keep the first fire alive as much as possible this is useful for smithing.

7. Never use string on clothes in the early game with the exception of backpacks. Ropes are much much more valuable and string will become easy to obtain for later generations through sheep.

8. You can use a long straight shaft on a seal (found in snow biomes) then skin it with a flint chip for easy early game clothing.

9. When you leave home always bring at least something back.

10. As a female do not keep every kid you have select your kids based off the amount of food around and how many females there are.

Advanced Village Tips

1. Make sure you always have at least berries, wheat and carrots growing at all times. These are required to keep a late civilization from running out of soil and starving.

2. Always leave one sheep unsheared so it will produce babies, shearing the last sheep will waste 6 berries, 1 carrot, 1 ball of thread, 1 sheep poop and 4 mutton.

3. Try to avoid eating berries and carrots as much as possible, these are used for sheep food and keeps other crops growing allowing more advanced foods to be made easier.

4. Always leave at least one wheat uncut as it will produce seeds for more (These seeds cannot be left on the ground they will disappear quickly).

5. When a steel tool breaks always bring it back to the smith. Two broken tools can be combined to produce scrap steel which can be turned back into a steel ignot.

6. Make sure there is a fire always going with a decent supply of firewood nearby.

These are just a few tips i could think of off the top of my head, I hope this can help out some newer players if you have any other tips feel free to post them here.

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