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Onimusha: Warlords – Secret Achievements

A simple guide to help unlock the five secret achievements that are not story related.

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Secret Achievements

All Lives Big and Small
Absorb souls from carp.

Go to the East Area (where you use the decorative sword), and progress through, until you come to a small pond, with 3 fish in it. All you have to do, to get this achievement, is stand near the fish, and use your Gauntlet, as if you were sucking up souls. Just hold the button down for maybe 10-15 seconds, and eventually, when a fish passes by, it will give a yellow soul, unlocking the achievement.

One Chance
Strike Marcellus’s final form with a Deflect Critical attack.

This one can be quite tricky, but it’s easy to pull off with a few attempts, I got it on my first try. First step – damage Marcellus enough times, until he draws out swords. At that point, eventually, he will glide backwards, and then maybe 2-3 seconds later, he will lunge at you – when this happens, time it right, by blocking the attack, that should parry him, and then follow up with an attack. If you did it right, the screen will flash yellow.

Fall’s Flight
Spot the flock of wild geese at dusk.

At the beginning of the game, after the cutscene with Princess Yuki and the demon, you will head to a bridge. Cross the bridge, get rid of the enemies. Then, continue, until you get locked in with monsters. Kill them, and then after the cutscene with the soldiers, GO BACK. Go back to that bridge, and then wait for maybe 1-2 minutes. Eventually, you will see a flock of geese fly onscreen, thus, earning your achievement.

Undying Summer
Find the beetle on the tree trunk.

This one can be obtained, shortly right after where you got the Fall’s Flight achievement. Progress through, until you get to an area, where the ground caves in front of you. DO NOT PROCEED, instead, backtrack some steps, until you get the camera to angle on the entrance of the cave. There’s a tree on the right side of the screen, about on the lower side of your screen. Stand right in front of that tree (may take a couple of attempts) and use your gauntlet, for about 15-20 seconds. If done right, a beetle should crawl up, thus, earning your achievement.

Cut down bamboo in the bamboo forest.

You can get this achievement, as either Samanosuke or Kaede, though the best place to get it, is when you’re playing as Kaede. While you’re making your way through the West Area, you’ll eventually come to a small area, that’s filled with bamboo stalks, when you’re looking for the Silver and Gold plates to open the locked door. All you gotta do, is attack one of the bamboo shoots, until they get cut. That’s it, this is one of the easier ‘secret achievements’

Sorry I don’t have pictures right now, I will update the guide when I have time.

Written by Ryoku

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