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Ooblets How to Make Lots of Money (Gummies)

Heres a quick sum of how to make lots of money (gummies) in Ooblets using the Springbean method.

Ooblets How to Make Lots of Money (Gummies)

Wishy Well is Your Friend

Step 1 of obtaining massive gummies: The wishy well. Its available as soon as you have your book/grumbiore from the tutorial and is shown to be a little fountain, a wishing fountain as you will. You can also access it in the local town square.

In here you want to hoard as many wishies as possible, but for this guide you are only required 75 of them. You also need to be atleast level 2 to access the upgrade. Talk to the npcs, pick up floor stuff, you’ll get it quick.

How to make lots of Gummies (Springbean method)

Meed’s Seeds.

Step 2 & 3: Buy the seeds from meeds shop & grow them.

You can even make more money/gummies by buying them when they are on sale (a stick in the box) but its fine to buy them even without the sale, you’re gonna make massive amounts of gummies anyway, not alot gets lost. But alot gets earned.

They take 5 days to grow and one seed yields 3 crops.

How to make lots of Gummies (Springbean method)

Double/Quadruple Your Money at Dubbles.

Step 4, the finale: Sell your Springbeans at Dubble’s Coffee/Spressy Shop

If you sell these at Meeds, you are only gonna gain 6 gummies per bean. But if you sell these at Dubbles, you gain a whopping 9 gummies.

So if you bought a whole stack (20) seeds at meeds during a sale, and sell all of them at Dubbles, you gain, essentially, a massive profit.

Oh and don’t make them into Ground Beans, they’re the same value, you won’t gain anything more from proccessing them. (Unless you are cooking something).

And this is the end of the guide!! If i missed something, i appreciate a comment! This is my first ever guide i’ve ever made, so i hope it was usefull!

How to make lots of Gummies (Springbean method)

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