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Order of the Storm Walkthrough – Assassin’s Creed Odyssey

Phila the Tempest

You can defeat this enemy during Leviathan’s Maw main quest. After destroying the enemy’s ship, you reach the land.

Remember, she is wielding a powerful blade that sets you on fire with every hit. Try to keep your distance. The best way to do that is to shoot her with a bow and always be one the move.

Megakreon the Unbreakable

You kill this enemy at the end of Theatrics and Espionage quest. Start this mission by speaking with Darius near Patrai.

Go to the theater and speak with the man sitting in the auditorium. He is easy to spot – the man has long bright hair and is sitting alone in the first row. He tells you where to get the documents. Go back here after you get the documents.

You are attacked by Megakreon. Kill him to complete the quest. You are accompanied by Darius – the man will focus the enemy’s attention on himself.

Nestor The Formidable

You need to find the right documents to uncover this enemy’s identity. You can find them in Olouros Fortress, in the building presented in the picture above.

Find the clue and then go back on your ship. Sail out and destroy the enemy ship. You don’t have to confirm your assassination.

Augos the All-Seeing

Kill Nestor the Formidable to learn this enemy’s identity. Augos will be unlocked automatically.

She is in Pellene. You can attack Augos with a bow.

Sophos the Broker

You need the right note to learn this enemy’s identity. The note is in the port in Pellene, on one of the shipwrecks. Reach the deck and search the corpse.

Go to Patrai after you get the clue. Kill the enemy. Remember, your target is protected by guards. They will attack you immediately after you hit their leader.

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