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Ostranauts Official Guide to Chargen Adventures (0.12)

A detailed guide to all the options you can get in character generation.

Ostranauts Official Guide to Chargen Adventures (0.12)

This guide lists out all of the benefits and negatives that you can get with every choice you can make in character generation. This is not 100% complete yet.

Options for Adventure

As of writing this, there are eight different adventures that you can run into.
The RISK options here are not all complete, so let me know if you get something different. The skill needed for a risk option is in parentheses.

Gaining traits is done in steps. For example, if you have feeble and gain strong, you lose feeble.


Hide in Air Vent
Skilled in Stealth, Skilled in Intrusion, Craven, $246, Shipbreaker Friend

Skilled in Forgery, Skilled in Acting, $500

Nothing to Hide
Skilled in Street Etiquette, Honest, Arrogant, Law Friend

Fake Alarm
Skilled in Hacking, Genius

RISK: Be a Hero (Unarmed)
1) Skilled in Archery, Brave, $1750, Law Enemy
2) Go to the Brig

Daily Grind:

Law Enemy

Watch Movies
Observant, Skilled in Acting, Manager Friend

Suit Maintenance
Skilled in EVA, Skilled in Physics, Finicky

Fight Club
Skilled in Unarmed, Brave, Masochist, Strained Back, Law Friend

Complacent, Skilled in Sensor Ops, Shy, $650

Work as Electrician
Skilled in Electrical Engineering, Patient, $200

King Incognito:

Start Riot
Skilled in Folk Etiquette, Skilled in Unarmed Melee, Skilled in Armed Melee, Skilled in Persuasion, Charismatic, Leader, $246, Bartender enemy, Manager Enemy

Pick Pocket
Skilled in Stealth, Observant, Patient, $250

Mug Them
Go to the Brig

Seduce Them
Skilled in Cooking, Skilled in Dance, Beautiful, Ex-Lover

Get Them Drunk
Skilled in Song, Liar, Slovenly, $850, Manager Contact

RISK: Hack Them (Hacking)
1) Skilled in Software Engineering, Skilled in Street Etiquette, Skilled in Stealth, $2850, Manager Enemy
2) Ambitious, $ 2850, Manager Enemy
3) Go to the Brig

Labor Barge Locker:

RISK: Force the lock (Strong)
1) -$200, Shipbreaker friend
2) Unknown

Hack the Lock
Leader, Shipbreaker Contact, Skilled in Hacking

Cut Hole in Crate
$700, Severe Burns (Picking this more than once will not apply more burns)

Mislabel Crate
Skilled in Street Etiquette, Leader, 2 Shipbreaker Friends

Report Poor Security
Skilled in Business Admin, Loyal, Manager Contact

Occupational Hazard:

Hack Engine
Skilled in Hacking, Genius, Criminal contact

Take the Stick
Skilled in Spaceship Piloting, Skilled in EVA, Injury, Shipbreaker Friend

Jury Rig Engine
Skilled in Mechanical Engineering, Brave, Coordinated, -$150

Troubleshoot Engine
Skilled in Starship Piloting, $850

RISK: Abandon Ship (EVA)
1) -$1050
2) EVA Suit

Poker Game:

RISK: Call the Bluff(Gambling)
1) Volitile Ship (Free ship!)
2) -$9000


Abberant Wound, $1500, Law Enemy

Grab the Key and Run
Volitile Ship, -$4500, Three random enemies, End Career

Call on Technicality
Skilled in Gambling, $300

Rare Salvage:

Notify Corporate
Follower, Skilled in Business Admin, Manager Contact

Black market
Skilled in Street Etiquette, $200, Criminal Contact, Law Enemy

Bribe the Boss
Skilled in Oligarch Etiquette, $750, Law Enemy

Smash it
Strong, Scar: Cargo Accident, Skilled in Armed Melee, Cruel, Pessimist

RISK: Take for yourself (Patient)
1) Miura Hydra Intake Regulator
2) Go to the Brig

Shady Deal:
Gather Intel for Cops
Skilled in Street Etiquette, Honest, Law Friend

RISK: Join the Scheme (Street Smarts)
1) $4500
2) Go to the Brig

Backstab Them
Treacherous, $900, Criminal Enemy

Report to Corporate
Selfish, $900, Manager Contact, Law Friend

Instigate Violence
Tough, Skilled in Armed, Skilled in Unarmed, $900, Criminal Enemy

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