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Otaku’s Adventure: Walkthrough for All Achievements

“Otaku’s Adventure” is a different kind of AVG.The story tells of an Otaku who has been single for many years and thirst for love. While he inadvertently embarks on a fantastic journey, he eventually wins girls’ love.

Walkthrough for All Achievements

As the title states this is a walkthrough of Otaku’s Adventure for achievements.

Achievements Part #1

Start the game by pressing on New Game. Your name doesn’t have an effect on the overall game-play, but your birth date does. So please either put in something you can remember or your own birth date. The birth date is for needed for the first achievement. Now you are set to start the game. Achievements are not in any order, just how I made it…
Warning: Spoilers ahead… Duh…

The start of the game is straight forward, it is a short tutorial sequence.

Achievement 1: Figure Master.
You wake up and have to turn off the Air conditioner (AC).
Before leaving your room to head to the Bathroom, you collect one item; the tissue box.
This item is located on the sliding compartment of the shelf to the left.
Before advancing, you can do two things.
You can also, grab the phone early, it is under the pillow. (Preparation for Achievement 2).
Click on the tissue box, then click on the tissue part 20 times, to receive the Head part A for the Figure. (There are 6 in total; this is the first achievement I mentioned before).
Before leaving click on the red bucket next to the toilet to pick up Head part F.
Click inside of the laundry machine to pick up the third piece; Head part E.
Under the Tv is Head part C.
Click on the cushion to pick up the Head part D.
Lucky last piece for the head is in the green box on the table.
This is where your birth date, the one you put for your character comes in; told you it was important.
Once you enter in your birth date, month then day, the box opens and it contains Head part B.
Click on one of the head pieces on the side and drag another piece on top of it, this should start the mini-game to assemble the head.
First drag part E; the small round ball, to Part D; the back of the helmet.
Grab part A; the face, and drag to part E.
Drag part B; the front of the helmet, to the rest of the head.
Place part F; the V, on the top of the helmet.
Finally part C; red thingy to on top of the part F.
Head back to your bedroom and place the bad boy on to the figure on the top left shelf.
Done Achievement 1.

Achievement 2: Game Master.
This is the second achievement; to complete the mini-game without taking damage.
Find the phone, like I mentioned before it is under your pillow in your room.
Click on your phone, then click on the cat icon for a mini-game to appear.
It is relatively simple if you have played bullet hell styled games before.
You shoot one pellet/bullet at a constant rate, this can be used to destroy enemies, but doesn’t work on the big spikes.
You start off with 2 hearts.
The are “enemies” just floating faces, hearts and stuff. Note: Hearts damage you too so don’t touch those sneaky hearts…
The big spikes floating around too.
Almost forgot the most important part, click and hold on your cat avatar to move around. Near the end there is a boss which is a giant face which fills up the right side of the screen. It shoots multiple waves of pellets/bullets at a time.
If you manage to get pass that damage-less, then you have unlock the second achievement.
Done Achievement 2.

Achievement 3: No Leak.
You move out to your living room, but you can’t interact with anything until you go to the Bathroom first.
The bathroom is located to the top left of your screen.
Click and hold on the toilet to take a leak. Note: I’d suggest you save before trying this mini-game, it is rather tricky; the achievement is to take a leak without missing.
When you click on the toilet a yellow bar on the side indicates the amount of urine.
The yellow arrow on the bottom, which is spastically moving side to side is what you have to aim to take the leak.
So, when you think it is in the middle, click and hold down, if no leak, keep holding, achievement get. If you miss keep taking a leak, wipe your mess then load and retry.
Done Achievement 3.

Achievement 4: Loyal Fan.
After the too realistic date, *cough cough* I mean the failed date with Mei Mei, you go to the convenience store to get yourself a pick me up, a bottle of water.
Your budget is $200.
The Yamashita Magazine is $100.
Note: Grab the water bottle, only $5. (For the next Achievement). Buy the walkthrough too, $50. (For another Achievement). Total of $155, if you grab additionally items.
Purchase that item, click on it and boom easiest achievement yet.
Ps. Can it get any easier??
Done Achievement 4.

Achievement 5: Guru Guru.
Drink the water…
Ps. Yes it can…
Achievement 5 done.

Achievement 6: Perfect Victory.
Note: Save before trying.
Use the walkthrough to make it possible to beat the girl, Gohard (LOVE HER NAME <3, by the way). Still has a relatively normal levelled difficulty.
Now you just have to 3 – 0 her in a game of Pong.
Achievement 6 Done.

Achievement 7: Bobo Playground
This is one of the long and tricky ones.
Note: You might want to start a new save or load up one that starts just after you leave Mei Mei and enter the convenience store.
You need the water bottle and the Kio OST from the convenience store. ($55). Note: You have to either go on the “date” with Gohard (Still love her name) or save Waifu. Otherwise you get the single forever endging. Ps. To date Gohard (<3) you have to get the walkthrough in the convenience store.
Move on to the arcade sequence.
You will need three coins (four, if you want to do Achievement 7 and 8 together) click on the head of the boy with gray hair, the one closest to you.
There should be a coin lodged in his hair, if not try the boy next to him.
The second coin is in the box on the floor.
Pick up the stool before heading up to see the Michael.
Give him water, place the stool underneath the ac, next to the washing machines.
Investigate the AC, and grab the tool, give it to Michael for the third coin.
Now this is for the fourth coin (If you want to prepare for achievement 8), it is in the book to the right of your screen. (To the left of Michael from his perspective).
Use two coins to play a game with Gohard (<3).
Then, move to Bobo’s house.
After you drink the tea, save your game (for Achievement 8).
Interact with everything that makes you sleepy. You will fall asleep at 100.
Now what you want to do is:
Put the the game coin into the Gachapon on the table to the left of the couch, which will give you another coin.
Put in the coin from the Gachapon to get a “Thank you for Playing” note. -15 sleepiness.
Play the Kip’s OST. -15 sleepiness.
Microwave your phone. -15 sleepiness. Ps. Microwave the Lunch Box (Bento) first. +10 sleepiness.
Click on the key-hole area, when it zooms in try to insert your house keys, the key breaks. -15 sleepiness.

Click on the fish tank, drag power bank to it. + 10 sleepiness
Get the resume in the fridge and the bento box in the lower compartment of the fridge.
Microwave the Bento. +10 sleepiness. Ps. Microwave the phone after the Bento.
Go to the toilet, click on the toilet brush to clean it. +40 sleepiness.
Paint on the blank frame hanging on the wall. +40 sleepiness
Break all of Bobo’s figures, click on each one until they break. +40 sleepiness.
Finally modify the resume. +40 sleepiness.
Once all of these steps are finished, you should unlock it.
Ps. I used the Chinese guide as reference (Hope you don’t mind… I used google translate, so only took the sleepiness points).
Achievement 7 done.

Achievement 8: Take Medicine and Sleep Well.
Reload the save file for Bobo’s house and put the coin into the Gachapon machine, until you get the sleeping pill.
Click on it in the side bar, and eat it. +999 sleepiness.
Achievement 8 done.

Achievement 9: Focus Wrong.
Note: I recommend you save.
Save Waifu for the first time (from the lightbulb).
Then protect her from the shady guy (By pretending to be a girl…?).
Then in the first sequence of the shooting game there is a box.
You need to shoot this 30 times without dying. Also, before you move on to the section.
Shoot the box when there are not shady dudes, and if there are shady dudes, kill them rinse and repeat till it is unlocked.
Achievement 9 done.

Achievements Part #2

Sorry about the split, there is an annoying text limitation to each section apparently. Anyways…

Achievement 10: Shooting King.
Note: Save when the narrator comes out in the part where you are trying to protect Waifu from the Shady dude. Also, save in between the three shooting fights.
There are 3 sections. Ps. Avoid the pedestrians, and the cat during the second fight is annoying… the third fight; the boss fight, has you shooting his nut when exposed and baby versions of himself.
The first one is really long. It is until after you fall off the cliff riding the motorcycle. (Achievements 11 and 12 can be done in the part after the fall).
Second one is not as long. (Achievement 13 is before this part).
The third one is the boss. (Achievement 15 can be unlocked after this fight).
If done correctly and damage-less, should have unlocked the achievement.
Achievement 10 done.

Achievement 11: Great Eyes and Hands.
Note: Save before attempting the mini-game.
Go downstairs to pick up the long metal bar.
Get the remote controller from one of the cardboard boxes.
Get the single leaf that is on the tree from the upper floor of the hospital, where the wall is knocked down.
Use the grinder to change the bar to a needle, by dragging the bar to the black grinder.
Feed the leaf to the Silk worm that is on the railing near the sink.
Use remote to fast-forward the worm. (This is hilarious, maybe my sense of humour is bad…).
Click on the needle, and drag the thread to it to start the mini-game.
Ps. You get the needle and thread from this (Used in Achievement 12).
If you do it successfully on the first try…
Achievement 11 done.

Achievement 12: Perfect Surgery.
Note: Save as this part is long. Save again before the surgery.
Medical Alcohol is in the same room as Waifu on the floor.
Go onto the second floor open the metal drawers, open the first one to get a book about cards plus a Magic Box.
On the righthand of the book there should be a Yellow Card in the pages.
The second drawer has the Magic Box.
Go to the room through the bottom right entrance to use the magic combining machine to use the yellow card and the magic box to create the key.
Anaesthesia is in the metal box, in the same room as Waifu, opened by the key.
Needle is in the bullet-proof glass container next to the room Waifu is in.
Grab the loudspeaker in the first cardboard box attach it to the Sexy Gun to shatter the glass to get the needle inside.
Drag the Anaesthesia to the needle to get the Anaesthesia Needle.
Get the scalpel by entering the directional code into the elevator buttons.
The pattern is found in the skeletons eye, next to the elevator, on the second floor.
The patter it up, up, down, down, up and down.
To get the scalpel from the old man. Ps. Also, grab the Jack lift in the room with the steps for surgery.
Get the green card from the metal box, then go to the combining machine, using the green card and the key to get the tweezers.
Check the Achievement 11, to get the Needle and Thread.
Go to the room with the wall broken down place the Jack lift next to the pair of scissors to lift the rock and get the scissors.
Then uses the scissors to cut your top to make bandages.
Return to Waifu and attempt the surgery. Remember to save beforehand.
The procedure is Medical Alcohol, Anaesthesia Needle, Scalpel, Tweezers, Needle and Thread and Bandages. Ps. Does not need to be done relatively quickly, just before your nose bleeds too much. There is a red bar on top left hand corner to indicate this.
If no mistakes occur then…
Achievement 12 done.

Achievement 13: One Shoot One Catch.
Note: Save before the mini-game.
After going to the mysterious Island, click on the yellow arrow to go left click on the hole to pick up the Telescopic Gun.
Then click on the left yellow arrow again.
This will show a tree with a shady dude sleeping underneath it.
In the tree there is an item stuck.
Drag the telescopic gun to it to start the mini-game.
If you miss reload and try again if not…
Achievement 13 done.

Achievement 14: Piercing Eye.
Note: Save before the event.
During the comic event, which you start, by beating Gohard (Still love her name <3, sorry I know I’m annoying I’ll stop… you probably stopped reading already… I’m just wasting my time…). Ps. the walkthrough from the convenience store is necessary for this.
You go through the dialogue, the green dude goes into the VIP room, but it’s too dark to see, use the External Flashlight that Gohard (Love her n… cough cough) hands you.
Be ready as you can only use it once (I don’t know if it is a bug, but mine only works once and then disappears).
See any part of his body click on it. Ps. The flash of light only remains for a second or two then it becomes pitch darkness again.
If done on the first try the achievement should unlock.
Achievement 14 done.

Achievement 15: Boxing King
Note: Save before you start the fight, save after each fight if uninjured.
There are 4 alians, no wait 3, no no no 3.5. Ps. The game refers to Aliens as Alians, it’s not my spelling.
I’ll explain why it’s 3.5 in a minute.
After defeating the first alian, it turns out to have just been a body controlled by the second alian, therefore the .5 of an alian.
So for the first alian, defend the first attack immediate as you see the alian’s arm move, then you can counterattack.
The second alien, has a move pattern of finger flick and bite.
The finger flick move has a second delay, so wait for a second before blocking, and attack the moment it opens it’s big mouth.
For the next alian you do nothing, otherwise, if you attack or defend you get hurt.
The three-eye octopus monster, the first stage, the left and right first tentacle, defend then counterattack, for the other right tentacle it attacks slow, wait a moment then block before counterattacking.
In the second phase the octopus throws rocks with a delay, wait till it stops shaking the rock then defend, but don’t attack it because you have to use it to block the laser after the rock.
If no damage was taken then you should have unlocked it.
Achievement 15 done.

Achievement 16: Perfect Flight
Note: Save before starting the engine of the spaceship.
Complete the flight mini-game, somewhat like the Cat mini-game, but no bullets and no boss.
Avoid the debris as you fly through space, before arriving on another alian planet.
If no damage was taken then…
Achievement 16 done.

Achievement 17: Michael’s Secret.
Start Michael’s favour, by giving him the water bottle to drink.
Grab the stool downstairs.
Then place it next to the washing machine to investigate the AC to get the flat screwdriver. Ps. You need the golden screwdriver from the convenience store for $160 to finish this achievement.
Go to the broken arcade machine and then click on the coin slot.
Use the golden screwdriver to unscrew one of the plus screws and then swap by dragging the flat screwdriver to the golden screwdriver.
Then unscrew the rest of the screws.
Install your power bank to the middle.
Go up stairs to Michael.
He will then tell you his secret. (Prepares for Achievement 18). Ps. All of the achievements that mention another world is started from this point.
Achievement 17 done.

Achievement 18: Legend of the Strongest Hero.
Note: Save after going to the another world and before the fight.
Michael teleports you to another world.
You farm up coins by defeating monster random encountered as you walk around (not in towns though).
Go to a vending machine to get level up cans.
Start from level 2 cans working up to level 5 cans for all characters.
You drag the cans to the character on the tablet given to you by (´・ω・`).
Once all of your characters in your party are level 5, head to the forest across the bridge. (On the far right).
Shout out, to get the first hero to appear.
Beat him with your level 5 characters.
Achievement 18 done.

Achievements Part #3

The annoying text limitation again…

Achievement 19: Wedding.
To get this achievement you have to have done Michael’s Secret Achievement.
Michael teleports you to another world.
There you will be able to fight monster to get coins.
You can use the coins to buy items for your house. Ps. In total, all items cost $2300.
Once you get enough coins and buy all of the items for the house.
Go into your house and you get the option to marry (´・ω・`).
At this point you have already got the achievement.
Achievement 19 done.

Achievement 20: Precious Stuff.
You need to get up to the Inverted Castle. For that you need to beat the boss in the Tall tower, for his Sword Artefact.
Once you get this sword, go to the Inverted Castle to cut down the wall to enter.
After you defeat the Bat should be relatively easy, talk to him, and he talk about the Strong Pill.
You need to get the Strong Pill from the Physical Village.
You can get the Strong Pill and the Chemist.
Go back give the Strong Pill to the Bat.
Take the Book Props on the bottom shelf.
Then go to the top floor, place the book prop on the floor to get take the vacuum cleaner. Ps. Make sure to pick the Book Prop again.
Click on the Vacuum Cleaner to obtain the inner part of the Vacuum, then again to the innermost part then again to get the Dirty Ball.
Then go to the middle floor.
Activate the water fountain by using the switch on the right side.
Drag the mud block into the water to get the key.
Open the locked door, place the Book Prop under the side cabinet before opening it, then you can catch takes the flashlight so it doesn’t break.
Achievement 20 done.

Achievement 21: RPG Master.
You can use my other money guide to get enough money to buy enough levelling up cans to level up all characters to level 5. Ps. There are 5 characters, (´・ω・`), Super Rookie, Physicsist, Chemist and You.
Find the Super Rookie in Rookie village, Physicsist and the Chemist in the Physical VIllage and you start off with (´・ω・`) and yourself. Ps. Physicsist costs 100, for first joining your party, then double of the initial cost, after each time he leaves your party. Also, the Chemist is unlocked later in the story. Check on Achievement 20 to see how he is unlocked.

Achievement 22: Invincible.
Defeat all 7 bosses.
The Cursed Sword that drops the sword artefact is in the Tall Tower.
He has high evade, but doesn’t have that high hp so can be killed if he doesn’t evade in a matter of turns.
The Fungus that drops the Growth Cell is under the Giant’s Foot.
You get poisoned from physical attacks.
Try using skills to avoid getting poisoned.
The Big Snake gives access to the Portal door, leading to a Tv and Game Console. It is above the GIant’s foot, a giant cylinder.
Puts Hunter Tag on a character, meaning that character is going to be attacked. So focus healing on that character.
Also, has a Flame Breather AOE which the damage is split for even if the hunter tag is active.
The Bat Queen that drops the Guitar is in the Inverted Castle. Ps. Can’t enter without the Sword Artefact.
The queen has a move to avoid all attacks for one turn, by jumping up really high.
She also gets the bat we made strong with the pill to fight for her. The Betrayal… It hits…
Bai WuChang and Hei WuChang drops the Revive Barrel (needed for the Achievement 25), is at the cemetery. Ps. Can’t do without the Guitar Artefact.
For all of the other bosses you can just find them, for this boss you need to kill your main character, you can use poison, bought from the vending machine for 40 gold.
Play the guitar at the cemetery to fight the boss.
There are two, Bai WuChang and Hei WuChang.
I recommend killing Bai WuChang the white one, as he can revive Hei WuChang, when he dies.
Hei WuChang, to my experience, only uses an AOE move called Grip Grip Grip.
The First Hero is at the Dark Forest above the Inverted Castle.
He has a variety of moves.
Otaku Glow, halves the hp of your character.
Meatball Explorer, steals healing items from your inventory.
AOE Silence, lasts one turn Silencing all of your characters.
Magic Burn, deals the same amount of damage it takes mp for. Ps. It takes 90 mp, and if you don’t have 90 it deals the amount it took.
Ps. You can farm this boss for money… (Check out my other guide).
The Final boss is located in a Game Cartridge.
You need to
Has an Energy Shield absorbs up to 1000 damage.
Shoots and AOE laser beam.
Spike attack which stacks damage the time the character is hit.
Ps. You can one-shot all of the bosses if you want, but it ruins the immersion into the game. You just need to use the Chemist’s last move to deal 10k+ damage, which is enough to one-shot most bosses, including the Final Boss. (A guide on how to do is on my other guide). Ps. There is a reference to the Final Boss at the Comic show, when, before you do the Phoenix Wright Mini-game, there is a figurine of the Final Boss.
If all of the bosses are beat… Ps. Doesn’t have to be done on the same save file I believe.
Achievement 22 done.

Achievement 23: I Love You Waifu.
When you beat the old man, Waifu turns out to be evil… Bent to destroy the Earth for no reason. Old man gives you a solution, a time machine, you get sent back, you have to choose to either save her from the light bulb or not.
You have to choose to save her, even knowing she’ll destroy the Earth again, in the end. This all in the name of love (I loved this ending one of my favourites).
Achievement 23 done.

Achievement 24: I Love You Gohard (Yes, I do).
You have to be on the Gohard (<3) route.
You have to win all of the fights against the alians. Ps. Read my Boxing King Achievement 15 for a guide on how to beat all 4 alians.
After beating the Octopus, you get a shortcut scene of You and Gohard, fighting.
Achievement 24 done.

Achievement 25: I Love You (´・ω・`).
You need to beat the final boss, then you get the cartridge to go back to the arcade.
You need the Fire extinguisher ($9999).
You need the Revive Barrel too. Ps. You get this from killing Bai WuChang and Hei WuChang.
(Check Achievement 22 to find out how to fight them).
Achievement 25 done.

Achievement 26: All Endings.
Finish the game.
Achievement 26 done.

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