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Out of Space Achievement Guide

In this guide I’ll give tips how to get all the achievements.

General tips

I would suggest to always start the level by buying a bike and earn money before you get further into the level. This way you haven’t much thread and overruns with aliens yet. The second thing I would suggest to buy is a bed, so you can rest quickly and get on your bike again.

During the level try to clean out rooms with not too many new rooms connected to them. If there is a door that always gets goo on it, then maybe start with that one even if it has other connected rooms. The most important thing is that you’re in control. That you can keep up with the goo, the aliens and your basic needs like food, water, and hygiene.

Getting one or 2 dogs and an electric cleaner makes the game a whole lot easier. The cleaner gets stuck from time to time so check where it is if you see goo but no cleaner around it.

Completing games

For the following achievements, you only have to complete multiple games. For some of them, you have to win.

Moving Out
Complete the Tutorial

I wanna live alone!
Start a Solo Match

Quite a nomad
Play 3 Matches

Not the best place yet
Play 8 Matches

Hey, roomies!
Play 1 Match Online

Bachelor’s apartment
Win a match in a Small Ship.

Family apartment
Win a match in a Medium Ship.

Our first house
Win a match in a Large Ship.

Grindy achievements

The following achievements are for doing sometimes an X amount of time. Most of those you’ll get while getting the other achievements, a few you maybe have to grind a little bit afterward.

Work, work
Build 50 pieces of furniture.

Think about the environment!
Recycle 250 Items.

Over Cooked
Cook 40 Aliens.

Power Up!
Activate 100 Rooms with a Battery

Well furnitured house
Spend over 4000 in the Shop.

Winning with a certain condition

Those are the most challenging achievements of this game. You’ll have to win while not using a specific thing. In this section, I’ll give tips on how to get those achievements. All those achievements have to be done on a medium or big map.

WARNING: Some achievement descriptions are not right. If you doubt look up the in-game description in the compendium menu.

Unusual way: No cooking
Win a match without cooking any meals, not even once. Ship size: medium or big.

This one is easy, you are not allowed to use a microwave to cook your food. This is a bit easier if you buy an extra pumpkin garden, but it is doable even without an extra one.

Unusual way: No resting
Win a match without resting. Sleeping on the ground is not allowed too! Ship size: medium or big.

This is one where the description is wrong, falling asleep on the ground is fine, as long as you don’t use a bed or couch. For this achievement I put the bed and couch I got during the game directly into the recycler.

Unusual way: No showering
Win a match without showering yourself or other players. Ship size: medium or big.

Use 2 dogs and a few electric cleaners so you minimalis the changes you get dirty. Watch out where you walk and avoid goo all the time. Also, a major warning to watch out for those air vents, id they are too dirty they exploded with goo and if you’re anywhere close you will be too dirty to finish a game without a shower.

Unusual way: Less shopping
Win a match without purchasing any electrical appliances. Ship size: medium or big.

This one can be a challenge since it is so convenient to use the electric cleaners, the trick with getting first a bike to get money also isn’t allowed in this one. Watch out for getting not too dirty since you also can’t buy a shower. Electric items you find on your ship you are allowed to use, just don’t buy any electric items.

Unusual way: No killing
Win a match without killing any aliens or throwing them into space. Cleaning their eggs is acceptable! Ship size: medium or big.

And then we have the hardest achievement in-game. You’re not allowed to kill the aliens. Glady there are tricks to use. You are allowed to feed them to your dogs, so get 2 dogs and don’t give them pumpkins but give them (raw) aliens), you can already put the alien in their food bowl even if they are not hungry yet, the aliens won’t walk away. The other trick for this achievements is to use tables. You can put the aliens on the table and they will stay there. It will make walking around the ship for you and the electric cleaner harder, but you can still pass them. Just keep an extra eye out if your electric cleaner did not get stuck.

Written by missiloon

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