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Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers.

As an ordinary adventurer, you’ll not only have to hide or defend yourself against threatening creatures, but also brave the hazardous environmental conditions, protect yourself against infectious diseases, make sure you get enough sleep, and stay hydrated. Embark on perilous expeditions across untamed lands to reach new cities, undertake varied missions and discover hidden dungeons crawling with formidable enemies.

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In order to survive in the dazzling yet deadly world of Aurai, you’ll have to be cunning, clever and prepared. Devise diverse strategies to defeat your foes and don’t neglect your basic needs, sharing your journey with a friend, locally or online.

All Unique Items


Glowstone Backpack
Acquired by completing the Dead Roots dungeon located in a massive tree in the northwestern area of the Hallowed Marsh region. You’ll need to search the dungeon for a series of four journal entries to acquire a key that unlocks a door containing a large monster skull mounted on the wall. Search this skull to get the backpack, but be prepared to fight some enemies.

75Illuminates area around you without need of any attached lantern.

Zhorn’s Hunting Backpack
Acquired by completing the Royal Manticore’s Lair dungeon in Enmerkar Forest. Note that a Large Emerald will be required to unlock a door leading to this unique backpack.

85Stamina Cost -10%

Brass-Wolf Backpack
You can find this backpack in Sand Rose Cave.

75Protection 2

Mefino’s Trade Backpack
You can find this backpack in Montcalm Bandit Camp (northeast of Cierzo). Accessing it requires two Power Cells, which can be purchased from Orsent in Levant.


Unique Weapons



The only known way to acquire this one-handed sword is to craft it, for which you’ll need four items.

  • Strange Rusted Sword – Top of the mountain in Cierzo
  • Chemist’s Broken Flask – Levant Alchemist Shop – 700s
  • Mage’s Poking Stick – Monsoon Alchemist Shop – 375s
  • Blacksmith’s Vintage Hammer – Berg Blacksmith Shop – 300s
DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
18 (physical) + 18 (frost)271425Inflicts Chill and Pain on enemies, increasing the Frost and Physical damage they take.

Skycrown Mace

Defeat the boss of the Face of the Ancients dungeon in the Enmerkar Forest.

DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
12 (physical) + 35 (lightning)501.1550N/A

Sunfall Axe

You can find this axe in the Stone Titan Temple in Abrassar. Inside the caves you’ll find some glowing purple tablets. Interact with each of them to make the axe appear in the room with the tablet in the center and the runes surrounding it.

DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
10 (physical) + 30 (fire)281.1475Inflicts Burning4.0


Red Lady’s Dagger

Complete the Face of the Ancients dungeon in the Enmerkar Forest.

DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
20 (physical) + 20 (Fire)491300Off-hand weapon, Dagger skills required

Glowstone Dagger

You can find this weapon in the northwestern most part of Hollowed Marsh in a hollowed tree stump. You’ll have to cross a poisonous swamp to get to it (buy Hallowed Marsh Antitode in Berg for this).

DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
22 (Physical) + 8 (Electric)381200Off-hand weapon, Dagger skills required


Starchild Claymore

Acquire this two-handed weapon by defeating the Royal Manticore in this part (below) of Enmerkar Forest.

DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
13 (physical) + 28 (lightning)521.1500N/A6.0

Pillar Greathammer

Find this weapon in the Light Spire (Hallowed Marsh). Take the stairs down to the right. Open the small wooden door, then pull the levers and go through the teleporters until the next door opens. Use the next teleporter, then kill or run past the enemy you find and go up the ramp. Next to the Legacy chest, you can find the hammer in a hole at the bottom of the wall.

DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
61 (physical)750.8475Artifact greathammer of an executioner who guarded the Spire of Light, crushing the bones of invaders before feeding on them.12.0

Thrice-Wrought Halberd

You can acquire this weapon in the Wind Temple in Enmerkar Forest. ✝

DamageImpactAttack SpeedDurabilityDescriptionWeight
18 (Frost) + 18 (Fire)431.1425Artifact forged long ago by a female blacksmith for a Gold Lich she loved.7.0

✝ Needs confirmation.

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