Outward: Complete Guide (Tips for Beginners)

Outward Complete Guide

Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers.

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In order to survive in the dazzling yet deadly world of Aurai, you’ll have to be cunning, clever and prepared. Devise diverse strategies to defeat your foes and don’t neglect your basic needs, sharing your journey with a friend, locally or online.

Crafting Recipes

Supplies Crafting

You can craft these recipes in the crafting menu with no other tools needed.

RecipeItem Requirements
Arrow (3x)1x Wood 1x Iron Scrap
Bandages2x Linen Cloth
Campfire Kit3x Wood
Improvised Bedroll2x Hide
Makeshift Torch1x Wood 1x Linen Cloth
Ice Torch1x Makeshift Torch 1x Ice Stone 1x Iron Scrap
Primitive Satchel2x Hide 1x Linen Cloth
Spikes – Wood (3x)4x Wood
Spikes – Iron (3x)4x Iron Scraps
Fire Rag1x Linen Cloth 1x Thick Oil
Ice Rag1x Linen Cloth 1x Seaweed
Poison Rag1x Linen Cloth 1x Grilled Crabseed
Fill Lantern1x Lantern 1x Oil
Old Lantern2x Iron Scrap 1x Oil 1x Cloth
Tripwire Trap1x Wood 2x Iron Scrap 1x Cloth
Fire Cloth1x Cloth 1x Thick Oil
Iron Scrap1x Metal Armor (any) or 1x Metal Weapon (any) or 1x Iron Spikes
Cloth1x Cloth Armor (any)
Bullets1x Iron Scrap 1x Thick Oil

Food Crafting

These recipes are made in a kitchen or by using a cooking pot over a fire.

RecipeItem Requirements
Gaberry Jam4x Gaberries
Garberry Tartine1x Bread 1x Garberry Jam
Meat Stew (3x)1x Meat 1x Vegetable 1x Salt
Travel Ration2x Food (any) 1x Salt
Cierzo Ceviche (3x)1x Raw Rainbow Trout 1x Seaweed 1x Salt
Salt1x Salt Water
Miner’s Omelet2x Egg 1x Common Mushroom
Soothing Tea1x Clean Water 1x Seaweed
Bitter Spicy Tea1x Clean Water 1x Ochre Spice Beetle
Mineral Tea1x Clean Water 1x Gravel Beetle
Pungent Paste1x Egg 1x Ochre Spice Beetle 1x Fish
Turmmip Pottage3x Turmmip 1x Salt
Pot-au-Feu du Pirate3x Fish x3 1x Salt
Jerky2x Meat 2x Salt
Alpha Jerky2x Alpha Meat 2x Salt
Ocean Fricassee1x Larva Egg 1x Fish 1x Seaweed
Dry Mushroom Bar4x Common Mushroom
Luxe Lichette1x Azure Shrimp 1x Raw Rainbow Trout 1x Larva Egg 1x Seaweed

Alchemy Crafting

These recipes are made using an alchemy kit over a fire.

RecipeItem Requirements
Crystal Powder4x Mana Stone
Life Potion1x Clean Water 1x Blood Mushroom 1x Gravel Beetle
Endurance Potion1x Clean Water 1x Krimp Nut 1x Egg
Great Endurance Potion1x Endurance Potion 1x Krimp Nut
Cool Potion1x Clean Water 1x Gravel Beetle
Discipline Potion1x Water 1x Ochre Spice Beetle 1x Livweedi
Mist Potion1x River Water 1x Ghost’s Eye
Hex Cleaner1x Clean Water 1x Greasy Fern 1x Livweedi 1x Salt
Fire Stone1x Mana Stone 1x Thick Oil
Cold Stone1x Mana Stone 1x Blue Sand
Astral Potion1x Clean Water 1x Star Mushroom 1x Turmmip
Great Astral Potion1x Astral Potion 1x Ghost Eye
Ice Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Livweedi 1x Cold Stone
Spirit Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Ghost Eye 1x Mana Stone
Bolt Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Firefly Powder 1x Mana Stone
Poison Varnish1x Gaberry Wine 1x Occult Remains 1x Miasmapod 1x Grilled Crabeye Seed
Incendiary Charges1x Thick Oil 1x Scraps 1x Salt
Toxic Charges2x Grilled Crabeye Seed 1x Salt
Nerve Gas Charge1x Blood Mushroom 1x Livweedi 1x Salt
Poison Antitode1x Clean Water 1x Thick Oil 1x Common Mushroom

Weapons Crafting

RecipeItem Requirements
Long Bone Sword1x Claymore 2x Bones 1x Cloth
Primitive Club2x Wood
Quarterstaff2x Wood 1x Linen Cloth
Mantis Greatpick1x Palladium Scrap 2x Mantis Granite
Shiv1x Iron Scrap 1x Cloth
Fang Trident1x Spear 2x Predator Bons 1x Cloth
Beast Golem Axe1x Beast Golem Scraps 1x Iron Axe 1x Palladium Spikes
Bone Pistol1x Flintlock Pistol 2x Occult Remains 1x Crystal Powder
Coralhorn Bow2x Coralhorn Antler 1x Recurve Bow 1x Crystal Powder
Fang Club1x Iron Mace 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Cloth
Crescent Greataxe2x Shark Cartilage 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Felling Axe
Fang Axe1x Iron Axe 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Scrap
Fang Sword1x Iron Sword 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Scrap
Phytosaur Spear1x Phytosaur Horn 1x Fishing Harpoon 1x Miasmapod
Horror Bow2x Horror Chitin 1x War Bow 1x Occult Remains

Armor Crafting

RecipeItem Requirements
Plank Shield1x Wood 2x Linen Cloth
Ammonite Armor1x Ammonite 1x Padded Armor 1x Palladium Ore
Ammonite Helm1x Ammonite 1x Padded Helm 1x Palladium Scrap
Ammonite Boots1x Ammonite 1x Padded Boots 1x Palladium Scrap
Cauldron Helm1x Cooking Pot (scrap)
Makeshift Leather Hat1x Helmet (any) 1x Hide
Makeshift Leather Attire1x Armor (any) 2x Hide
Makeshift Leather Boots1x Boots (any) 1x Hide
Scaled Leather Hat1x Helmet (any) 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Scaled Leather Attire1x Armor (any) 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Scaled Leather Boots1x Boots (any) 2x Scaled Leather 1x Predator Bones
Horror Shield1x Horror Chitin 1x Fang Shield 1x Palladium Scrap 1x Occult Remains
Fang Shield1x Round Shield 1x Predator Bones 1x Linen Cloth

Useful Tips

How to Find Safe Zones in the Wild
Just look for the butterflies!When you setup tent/bedroll near them it notifies you that you are in a safe zone with a 0% chance of ambush.Also, whenever you die and are rescued by some fellow adventurer, they typically leave you in a safe zone as well.

How to keep loot on logout
As the bug that makes your loot vanish appears to be related to the backpack, me and my friend move all our stuff to pocket before logging out and then transfer it all back when logging in, unfortunately doesn’t help if you crash.

General Guide to Multi Bag Management
Pretty simple, keep a bag for storing extra items on the ground near the green shirt merchant (they tend to be the closest merchant to the entrance) in each of the cities.I also keep a “trash” bag in each city to hold stuff that you can’t sell/deconstruct…

I tend to keep an extra bag with me while outside in case I come across loot that is too heavy. I store extra potions, teas, traps, stuff I’m not going to sell in my extra bag and drop it. Run to the nearest merchant or a stash box to offload the loot. And then return to pickup my bag and continue adventuring.

How to make money
Haven’t found much in the way of quests in the starting zone but there is plenty of profit to be had, just takes a while.

Clearing out the actual bandit camps is the most obvious and most difficult option. The final lieutenants that spawn tend to carry cleaver halberds which sell for 70 plus they key to the final room with an ornate chest with decent loot options. Grabbing the rest of the weapons and bits will usually net you a decent amount of silver too.

Fishing also turned out to be hilariously profitable and the gathering spots respawn quickly. Taking the fish and turning them into various meals has netted me quite a lot of silver while I was working towards the blue sand armor. Turning them into meals effectively doubles their value plus you have plenty of food should you need it. Actually all the crafting options are pretty decent money makers if you have the ingredients for them.

Creating travel Rations at a kitchen increase how many you get!
If you’re like me, you’re a busy adventurer who doesn’t have time to sit around killing 5 deer to cook their meat so you can fast travel to some shitty marsh you’re told is holy. Don’t despair! Cooking Travel Rations has never been easier with this 1 simple trick!

If you create your travel rations at a kitchen (such as inside a player home), or at a cooking pot on a campfire, you get 3x the amount you would get if you crafted them in your survival inventory.

Melee Combat Tips

  1. Be patient and don’t be afraid of blocking attacks, even if you don’t have a shield.

  2. Keep a reasonable distance from your target. If there’s more than 1 enemy, try to kite until one is separated enough from the other and punish.

  3. If fighting a very large, scary foe… Drop your backpack. Use blocks only as emergency and try to kite and dodge.

  4. Pay attention to their impact bar. (The grey bar under their health.) If it turns light orange/brown, they’re blocking. Don’t hit then. When the grey bar falls below half, your enemy will stagger with each hit, allowing for more punishment from you. Once depleted, the enemy will fall. Use this to get free damage in! But becareful because they get up really quick.

  5. I’d recommend having a ranged weapon and your melee weapon on a skill slot. Being able to switch quickly made a world of a difference for fluidity. Try to get a free shot in or two before combat, switch to melee and rek.

  6. Manage your stamina. Drink water before each fight. Having the +Stamina Regen active while fighting is massive.

  7. If you’re losing badly… run! If you break the line of sight of the enemy, chances are they’ll lose track of you. Once you’re away, avoid sleeping (so they don’t heal) and heal yourself with any pots and bandages. Once healed up, get back in there and smash your enemy down! Or get smashed by him…

  8. Traps help bring down a tough foe. Generally, I’m too lazy to sit down and set traps and all that. But, they can be a godsend for a particularly tough enemy. Getting some shots in with a ranged weapon and having them step on traps can dish out so much damage before you have to “really” start fighting.

  9. Melee weapons have two types of attacks. Think Light attack and Heavy attack. Duh! But, what a lot of people don’t realize that if you do a heavy attack immediately after a light attack— you actually get a different animation than if you did the heavy attack by itself. Play around and make some combos!

  10. Don’t be afraid of combat. Pay attention to each enemy, learn how they move, what patterns they tend to have, just keep fighting! Even fight the really tough looking foes. Early on I wanted to smash my head against the wall while getting crushed some big time baddies. But, when you finally land that kill it is so so satisfying. In the end. And, through the failure it made me a better player.

Best of luck adventurers! I hope this helps. If it doesn’t, well, perhaps the greatest advice I can give is that you can never carry enough bandages.

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