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Outward: Food Crafting Recipes

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  1. Food Crafting Recipes

Outward delivers an immersive RPG experience coupled with survival gameplay, offering a deeply-rewarding challenge for the most avid gamers.

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In order to survive in the dazzling yet deadly world of Aurai, you’ll have to be cunning, clever and prepared. Devise diverse strategies to defeat your foes and don’t neglect your basic needs, sharing your journey with a friend, locally or online.

Food Crafting Recipes

These recipes are made in a kitchen or by using a cooking pot over a fire. For boiled versions of single ingredients, just a fire will do.

Snacks Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Pungent Paste1x Egg 1x Ochre Spice Beetle 1x Fish
Boiled Gaberries1x GaberriesRestores 75 Food. Rots more slowly.
Gaberry Jam4x GaberriesRestores 150 Food; has warming effect.
Jerky (5x)2x Meat 2x SaltRestores 100 Food; rots very slowly.
Alpha Jerky2x Alpha Meat 2x Salt
Dry Mushroom Bar4x Common Mushroom
Bread of the Wild (3x)1x Smokeroot 1x Raw Alpha Meat 1x Woolshroom 1x BreadRestores 225 Food. Heals wounds over time, grants warm boon and an increase in stealth.
Marshmelon Jelly3x Marshmelon 1x Gaberry JamRestores 275 food. Confers an immense stamina recovery.
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Meals Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Garberry Tartine1x Bread 1x Garberry JamRestores 125 Food; more potent than Jam.
Meat Stew (3x)1x Meat 1x Vegetable 1x SaltRestores 275 Food.
Travel Ration2x Food (any) 1x SaltRestores 150 Food; useful when traveling from one region to another.
Cierzo Ceviche (3x)1x Raw Rainbow Trout 1x Seaweed 1x SaltRestores 200 Food; restores Mana and provides elemental resistance.
Miner’s Omelet2x Egg 1x Common Mushroom
Turmmip Pottage3x Turmmip 1x Salt
Pot-au-Feu du Pirate3x Fish 1x Salt
Ocean Fricassee1x Larva Egg 1x Fish 1x Seaweed
Luxe Lichette1x Azure Shrimp 1x Raw Rainbow Trout 1x Larva Egg 1x Seaweed
Bouillon du Predateur3x Predator Bones 1x Clean WaterRestores 250 Food. Restores stamina and increases physical damage dealt.
Spiny Meringue2x Cactus Fruit 2x EggRestores 140 Food. High health and stamina restorative properties. Provides hot weather defense.
Stringy Salad2x Woolshroom 2x VegetableRestores 200 Food. Heals a little.
Alpha Sandwich1x Raw Alpha Meat 1x BreadRestores 200 food. Combined bread and alpha meat, which keep the meat’s combat-enhancing properties.
Cactus Pie2x Cactus Fruit 1x BreadRestores 100 food. Heavy desert fruit that re-invigorates and protects against the sun.
Ragoût du Marais1x Miasmapod 1x Meat 1x Marshmelon 1x SaltRestores 200 food. Immediately heals wounds, unlike most food. Gives the Possessed boon.
Savage Stew1x Raw Alpha Meat 1x Marshmelon 1x Gravel BeetleRestores 300 food. Gives Impact Resistance as well as adding Impact to one’s attacks with the Rage status.
Marshmelon Tartine1x Marshmelon Jelly 1x BreadRestores 175 food. Makes several rations, each with the full stamina-restoring properties of a jar of marshmelon jam.
Diademe de Gibier1x Raw Jewel Meat 1x Meat 1x Cactus Fruit 1x Salt
Ragout da Marais1x Miasmapod 1x Meat 1x Marshmelon 1x Salt
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Beverages Crafting

RecipeItem RequirementsDescription
Soothing Tea1x Clean Water 1x SeaweedRestores 70 Drink; cures the common cold (takes a few hours for the full effect), and restores burnt Mana.
Bitter Spicy Tea1x Clean Water 1x Ochre Spice BeetleRestores 70 Drink; instantly cures infections, protects against cold, and restores burnt Stamina.
Mineral Tea1x Clean Water 1x Gravel BeetleRestores 70 Drink; increases Impact Resistance, cures Indigestion (takes a few hours for the full effect), and restores burnt Health.
Needle Tea1x Clean Water 1x Cactus Fruit

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