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Outward: Get the Biggest Backpack in 5 Minutes

Loot entire dungeons with a carry weight of 110. You can achieve this by snagging the highest capacity backpack within 5 minutes of leaving the starter town.

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Get the Biggest Backpack in 5 Minutes

Ever get tired of leaving loot behind because your 50 capacity travel pack can’t hold it all? Feel unprepared in battle without a reserve weapon and 300 arrows? Well, have I got a deal for you! Double that carry weight with Mefino’s Trade Backpack with a whopping 110 capacity. Wow!

To the Bandit Camp

When you first head out of the starter town of Cierzo, you can pretty much stay on the path straight ahead of you toward the Bandit Camp to the Northeast. You can sprint past anything you may encounter along the way since you’re going to be dropping your backpack anyway.

Once inside, you’ll need to run off to the left. There are enemies here, which will be a tough fight if you are doing this early in the game. You can sprint past them too, or try to clear a path through if you feel like you’re up to the task.

Run to the end of this mossy rock and turn around. You’ll be able to walk up the side of it. Head back toward the building you ran past and you’ll see its roof next to your rock.

Roll across onto the roof. Pretty straightforward.

Head over to the pipe on the roof. You’ll get an interaction prompt to talk to the pipe as an NPC. Hit the button one time, then turn to the right and hop off of the building.

Head inside and you’ll see a doorway on the left with two green objects on it. These are “power cores” that you normally had to collect in order to open this door. Talking to the “NPC” pipe on the roof automatically puts these cores in place and opens the door. Shortcut!

Inside this room, you’ll find Mefino’s Trade Backpack. Pick it up and run for your life (or casually stroll out depending on your method of entry). There’s also a Scholar outfit and a straw hat if you want to grab those as you leave. Mission accomplished.

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4 thoughts on “Outward: Get the Biggest Backpack in 5 Minutes”

  1. I guess they fixed that little trick since this was published? On the roof i get no interation prompt at all anywhere around that pipe… 🙁

  2. Now you need two power coils to open the door.
    They are droped by Sword Golems and Guardian of the Compass.
    Engineer Orsten in Abrassar Desert also sells them

  3. Trivia
    On launch, the backpack was obtainable without acquiring the Power Coils. There was a bug which allowed players to start a dialogue with the gate on the roof, after which the door would open. This was patched in May 2019.

    You might want to take down this page

  4. It’s patched guys, if you still want Mefino’s Backpack early, you can loot power coil from supply chests all around Chersonese and/or buy them from Engineer Orsten, doing it as early as possible is worth the effort.


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