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Outward: Holy Mission of Elatt

Holy Mission of Elatt

Monsoon (Hallowed Marsh). Take the east exit from Chersonese, then follow the Pilgrim Road aka the trail of Sun-Pillars “towards the ray of light that flies over Monsoon.”

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Holy Infusion (spell that imbues weapon with lightning); Blessed boon (spell that increases Lightning damage and resistance); resistance to Decay/Ethereal/Lightning damage or Decay/Ethereal/Lightning damage increase or 10% Stamina/Mana cost reduction; +2 Protection; Peacekeeper Elixir (+20 HP +20 Stamina +20 Mana); Candle Plate Armor (high resistance to fire and lightning); Acceptance (+8 Cold/Hot Weather Defense passive).

Favored Build: Spellblade.

The Holy Mission of Elatt is a religious power that promotes the importance of achieving your utmost potential in order to better protect and serve your loved ones.

The Holy Mission began as the Tribe Without Name in the town of Monsoon, under the guidance of a Philosopher and Mage named Elatt.

Then came the Scourge, whose beasts rampaged across Aurai, even attacking the very town of Monsoon.

However, not long later, burning javelins of light rained from the sky above the Hallowed Marsh and drove the beasts to flee. Elatt revealed that he had found a way to transcend his mortal flesh and become “Living Thought”. He imbued his followers with pieces of his essence and sent them to defend Aurai’s people from the Scourge.

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Now, they play the role of peacekeepers and arbitrators, generally well respected across Aurai.

The Holy Mission of Elatt is bound by three guiding principles, known as the Three Pillars of The Endless Path.

1. No one should suffer. Help those in need, especially those weaker than you.

2. No one is safe. One must be disciplined if they are to survive the outside world.

3. No one is perfect. One must always strive to improve themselves, so that they can better protect themselves and others.

Those who join the Holy Mission join one of two branches.

The Scholarly Branch:

  • Scholars who research magic, Corruption and the Scourge.
  • Tribal Priests who provide guidance to each tribe, mentor those who show promise to join the Holy Mission, and who tend to the medical needs of the tribe.
  • Disciples, who administrate the Holy Mission, and who are trained to destroy large gluts of Corruption
  • The Cardinal, the head of the Holy Mission.

The Martial branch:

  • Missionaries who travel from region to region sorting out trouble and dealing with minor Scourge threats.
  • Templars, who are proven warriors capable of dealing with grave threats.
  • Two Champions, the epitome of the Martial Path, who are granted great strength and shining armor, sent to deal with the most perilous of threats.
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Blessings Of Elatt

  • Spiritual Communion – spiritual communion gives + 10% more Ethereal, Lightning and Decay damage.
  • Sanctified Protection – sanctificed protection gives – 2 physical protection.
  • Sanctified Assistance – Sanctified Assistance assistance gives – 10% mana and stamina costs.
  • Acceptance – Increases your Cold and Hot weather resistances by 8.
  • Exalted – Doubles all of your damage, reduces Stamina/Mana consumption by 30% and increases all Damage Resistances by 10. You are inflicted with a permanent “Life Drain” Sickness which you will die permanently after being defeated at stage 3.

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