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Outward Status Effects (Positive & Negative)

No remarkable journey is achieved without great effort. Outward is an open-world RPG where the cold of the night or an infected wound can be as dangerous as a predator lurking in the dark. Explore the vast world of Aurai, embark on memorable adventures alone or with your friends.

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Outward Status Effects

Effects (status effects) are temporary or permanent conditions in Outward. Some Effects apply only to character, while others apply to the Enemies as well. Use Food, Potions or Equipment to gain, inflict, or remove effects.

Outward Status Effects

Positive Effects

Health RecoveryHealth recovery +0.2-0.5/s
Mana ratio recoveryMana recovery +0.15-0.25/s
Stamina recoveryStamina recovery +0.3-1.2/s
Water effectStamina regen 0.3/s; Hot Weather Defense +10; Cures Burning
BandagesHealth recovery +0.5/s
Physical Attack Up+20% weapon physical damage
Impact UpWeapon impact +20%
Impact Resistance UpImpact Resistance +25%
Force BubbleImmunity to damage
Immolate0.3 Fire damage per second; +30% Fire damage
Gabbery Wine-20% mana cost; +15 Physical resistance; -15 Impact resistance
Cold Weather Defense Up+15 Cold Weather Defense
Hot Weather Defense Up+15 Hot Weather Defense
Weather Defense+20 Hot and Cold Weather Defense
Sleep-5-20% Stamina cost
Stealth UpMakes you harder to spot
Speed UpMovement speed +15%
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Negative Effects

TiredStamina regen -30% +0.3 Mana per secondRest
Very TiredStamina cost +15% +0.2 Mana per secondRest
ColdMovement speed -15% Stamina regen -15%.Heat; Warm Potion; Soothing Tea; Turmmip Potage.
Acute ColdStamina regen -30%Soothing Tea
WetCold Weather defense -2; Frost resistance -25; Frost resistance +25
HungryBurnt health accumulates 3x fasterFood
Very HungryBurnt health accumulates 3x faster; damage dealt -25%Food
ThirstyBurnt Stamina accumulates 3x fasterWater
Very ThirstyBurnt health accumulates 3x faster; damage dealt -25%Water
InfectionHealth -3% per min; food recovery -15%Bitter Spicy Tea
Acute InfectionHealth -7% per min; food recovery -25%Bitter Spicy Tea
Extreme InfectionHealth -10% per min; food recovery -35%Bitter Spicy Tea
IndigestionChance to negate effects of foodMineral Tea; Needle Tea
Acute IndigestionHigh chance to negate effects of foodMineral Tea; Needle Tea
Life DrainMaximum health -30% to -100%None
BleedingHealth -0.5%Bandages; Great Life Potion
Extreme BleedingHealth -1%Bandages; Great Life Potion
BurnFire Damage -25%; Fire Resist -25%
Burning2 Fire damage per secWater
ChillFrost Damage -25%; Frost Resist -25%
ConfusionImpact resistance -25%
CrippledMovement speed -50%
CurseDecay Damage -25%; Decay Resist -25%
DoomedLightning Damage -25%; Lightning Resist -25%
Elemental VulnerabilityNon-physical damage received +25%
HauntedEthereal Damage -25%; Ethereal Resist -25%
PainPhysical resistance -25%Hex Cleaner
Marsh Poison1 Decay damage per secondAntidote
Marsh High Poison5 decay damage per secondAntidote
Poison1 Decay damage per secondAntidote
Extreme Poison3 Decay damage per secondAntidote
Slow DownMovement speed -25%
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