Overgrowth: A Guide to Armor

A basic walkthrough on how to add simple decorative elements to your character.

Picking Items

First of all, you’ll need one or more items to add to your character. You can insert items to your game through the editor interface, accessed by pressing esc while playing.

On the bar at the top of your screen you’ll see a button labeled “Load item”. Press this button and the Item Browser should appear. From here you can choose any item you want. Simply click on the item you want to add and the Item browser will dissapear. Now click anywhere on the ground for the item to be placed in the game.

In the picture, you’ll see I’ve loaded several items and placed them near my character for easy access.

Connecting Items

The next step in having your character look fabulous is connecting the items to your character.

You can make this a whole lot easier by pausing the game. While controlling your rabbot, press the slow-motion button(Tab.) twice. Make sure your game is actually paused and not in slow-motion by trying to move your character. If he doesn’t move, you’ve paused the game.

Go back to the Editor Interface by pressing escape. Select the item you wish to connect to your rabbot by double clicking it. A black box should appear around the item.

Move this item to where you would like it on your character. Note that you can rescale the item by holding your cursor near the edges of the black box and rotate the item by holding your cursor near the edges of the black box surrounding your item.

Once your item is in place and has been rescaled and rotated the way you like it, you can connect it.

Hold one of the “Alt” keys and hover your cursor over your rabbot. You should now see the skeletal structure which holds together your character.

A green line will be drawn between your cursor and the selected item. Move your cursor to where you wish the item to be connected to your rabbot and press the Left-mouse button.

Ideally, you will be connecting your items somewhere logical. If you are giving your character a backpack, connect it to its spine. If you are giving him some Shoulder pads, connect them to his shoudlers.

If everything went correctly, you should now be able to close the Editor Interface and admire your hard work. Good job!

Run around, kick some people, but know you’ll be doing it while looking amazing!

Removing items

Occasionally, you’ll end up connecting your appearal to the wrong part of your body. Or, just want to remove that dagger strapped to your belt, and replace it with a massive blade.
You want to disconnect the item from your rabbot.

The method used to do this is similar to connecting items to your character. With the item selected, holding Alt+Shift, hover over the skeleton of your rabbot and press the wire from which the item should be disconnected. Your cursor should look like a broken shackle.

After having disconnected the item from your skeleton, the green wire between the item and it’s connection on your rabbot will have dissapeared.

Note that if you connected the item to several parts of your character, you will have to remove all connections between the two if you wish for the item to be removed from your character.

Saving model

Once you’re fully satisfied with how your characterlooks, you may want to save him for later use.

To do this, select the green box in which your rabbot spawns. If you can’t find it, try restarting the map. Your character should now be inside of his spawn box.

Once your character is selected press the blue “save item” button on the bar at the top of your screen. This will open a window, probably containing a bunch of Overgrowth files and folders.

Create a new folder and name it whatever you want. Something you will recognise later on is advised. (eg. “Personal Rabbots”) Once you’ve created a folder to save your character in, give it a name and press save.

Once your model is saved, you can load copies of him/her whenever you like. To do this, press the button labeled “Load item” at the top of your screen. Now look for a small icon with a folder in it. This should be located next to the search bar in the Load item-window.

Press this icon and a new window will appear containing files and folders. From here, go to the folder in which you’ve saved your character and select it. Now press the “open” button.

You should now see a new copy of the character you saved.

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