Overgrowth Combat 101

Overgrowth: Combat 101

This guides purpose is to walk you through the combat system in Overgrowth and help you to not die! Don’t rage just read.

Welcome to combat 101! Take a seat and expand your mind for your yet a Leveret but by the end of this guide with any luck ill make a rabbit out of you.

To start off you should dedicate a few minutes of your time to load up a level and walk around. Get a feel for the game and make sure that when you go into to combat you don’t accidentally roll into a kick and die.

Also before you head off to war you need to understand that this game is much more realistic than nice…. As realistic as you can get when fighting ninja bunnies that is. For instance if you are fighting an enemy that has a sword and you get hit, there wont be a second chance or a reload button, you die.

Basic rules and movement

We will start with the basics and work our way up. First of all know your controls and how the game works. Understand that this game has no “heath” system and it doesn’t bother you with a “stamina bar” but it instead works of a wireframe of a skeleton. If you get hit in the same place enough or get hit in a certain area hard enough that part of the skeleton will break and you will either pass out or die. For example if you get kicked in the head you will most likely die, but if you get punched in the arm you will live but not if your careless and keep getting hit in that arm.

The games “punching” or “blocking” is different too. Instead of just punching or kicking like many other games when you left click in this game you prepare to attack, once you become close enough to attack you will. The same goes for blocking. Take in that that is just the basic theory behind it I will go into detail in the Offence and Defense sections below.

The table bellow shows Movement commands (some that the game does not show)

RollShift while moving
Wall JumpSpace or Shift while on a wall
Wall RunHold space while on a running on a wall
Ledge grabHold right mouse button
Pick upHold Q
Drop WeaponShift + Q

Unarmed Offense

Alright now that you know how to walk around it’s time to punch something! Before you go antagonizing me about not knowing how to defend first well….sometimes You just have to learn to run before you crawl, so lets get to it.

Ok so this game when you walk up to your enemy you have to fight back the urge to just hold down the left mouse button or spam it like crazy, that’s how you die quickly. You can’t swing unless your close to your target so take that into account, you can’t just hit randomly either you have to think about it and watch your enemy.

Know that your attacks are not random, Like if you go up to an enemy and left click it matters what movement key your hitting. For example if you are standing still and you left click while hitting/holding “D” you will perform an upper body kick with your left leg to the right. If you do the same while hitting/holding “A” you will perform an upper body kick with your right leg to the left.

Movement is also a huge factor in combat. Like if you don’t push any movement keys at all and just click the right mouse button you will punch the enemy (you have to be face to face and very close to do this) But if you move forward and do this you will try kick the enemy (different kick animations depending on your speed)

There are also a few Offensive moves that are extremely useful when put into practice that are a bit different than just punching something. The first being an aerial kick, to perform this jump at your enemy and while your in the air left click once close enough and you will kick them and most likely break there neck.(BE CAREFUL most of the time you will bounce off at an unfortunate angle and break your neck if you don’t roll in mid air to attempt to land on your feet) The second is “the sweep”. This is when you crouch near your enemy and just like standing perform a left or right kick to sweep your enemy of there feet leaving them open for another attack.

Unarmed Defense

Time to learn how to defend yourself. So don’t worry, after this you can stop having to walk away from the game every 20 minutes.

The first thing that you need to know about blocking attacks are that just like attacks, blocking has to be precise and if you block at the wrong time or in the wrong direction you can die very quickly. So for this you have to watch your enemy very carefully. For instance if you see that your enemy is about to kick left then you can hold down “A” and right click as the kick is about to hit you and block it or you can block right to have your character Dodge out of the way. Dogging is better to practice seeing as if your enemy has a weapon this is the only way to avoid being killed, but both of these leave the enemy open for a counter attack but only for a spit second so if you don’t get your attack in just the right second then you will lose the opportunity.

Another great advantage to blocking is you’re ability to grab your enemy and throw them over your shoulder. This is great because when you you do this you have a chance to break there neck and if you don’t do that then this leaves them open for a quick kick to the head. To do this wait for the right moment when your enemy attacks then block into there attack, like if your enemy kicks right lean into the attack with a block and hold your block, you will grab them and throw them over your shoulder then quickly if they didn’t already die kick them. This grab feature can also be used if an enemy has not seen you, if you can sneak up on your enemy from behind then hold block once close enough you will start to chock them(with a dagger it’s the same but you can click to slice there thought.)

One of the hardest attacks to doge you will find is the Leg sweep. The best way to defend against it is to dodge backwards. This has to be timed just right but I find it to be the best way. Make sure that you change up your attacks and combo moves or the AI will get used to it and kick your♥♥♥♥♥ This should be all you need to know to wrap up Unarmed defense.

Dog Sword combat (One handed Sword)

This time we’ll be learning about swords! Beware fights with a sword are much faster seeing as one good hit will kill you or your enemy.

So to start off make sure that when you try to fight with a sword that you have a good Handel on dodging, for if your enemy gets a powerful attack off and you don’t dodge out of the way the pressure that would generally be against your skeleton is obstructed by your sword and if that pressure is to great you will drop your sword leaving you defenseless.

Attacking with the sword is simple enough, It’s essentially the same idea as unarmed combat. If you hold “D” while swinging then you will swing to the right and so on. This is less important in sword fighting though because fights generally don’t last long enough for the AI to adapt to your patterns. Never the less though you will want to mix it up a bit to get an edge, seeing other moves such as the “Leg sweep” is a good way to do this. Also know that if you see the enemy about to leg sweep then you can kill them quickly if your paying attention by swinging at them the moment before they kick you.

Defending with the sword can be extremely difficult, extremely to the people that have not fought with a sword before. So look for the tells! Always try to dodge out of the way when your enemy attacks because getting your weapon knocked across the battlefield is a sure way to get yourself killed. If you can’t keep up with the enemy’s swings then try to back up and get them open for a counterattack or parry there attack carefully, but when parrying you have to be extremely fast for there is only a split second and if you miss your counterattack the enemy will not be merciful and you will die.

As of right now the game does not have “duel wielding” as a actual fighting mechanic, sadly it just looks cool if you have two swords in your hands. And often if you do this and you’re weapon is knocked out of your hand you don’t have the time to drop your other weapon and re-equip it to your main hand and you will probably die trying so I would advise against it.

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