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Overkill’s The Walking Dead – Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

*These tips are only for mission-based levels like Hell or High Water.

  • Managing your Noise Meter level is the most important stat to track as you go about the level as indicated by the skull icon at the top center of your screen. Traps and unsilenced shots (including enemies’ shots) will increase the meter.
  • Your ranged weapons (except the crossbow) should only be used on ambushing and killing Human enemies. The amount of silenced shots you have is limited throughout the mission and should be reserved for taking out humans as quietly as quickly as possible.
  • Keep an eye on stamina spending and try to stick together to kill walker hordes with melee as to not get swarmed. Early investment into melee stats is highly recommended.
  • Zombies cannot climb. Get on a car or similar object if you’re getting swarmed to thin out a horde or wait out help from your team.
  • Watch for traps. They will be highlighted if you have the setting enabled in the Settings menu but its easy to go around or dismantle them. Some traps can be meleed to be disabled.
  • Avoid looting cars since the noise cost of having an alarm set off is not worth the trouble.
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Metagame Progression

*In progress – to be filled up when I get a better understanding.


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