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Overload Cheat Codes

A list of all cheat codes you can type in the game.

How to Activate Cheat Codes

There are various cheats in Overload that alters the gameplay, they can be activated by typing the word while playing or in pause menu.

By activating a cheat, you will be marked as “cheater!” at the bottom of the pause menu and the result screen, this disable the achievements and challenge scores will not be recorded in the leaderboard.

Cheats only affect the current game, not the profile. If you activate a cheat and then load a previous save where you didn’t activated a cheat, this will remove the “cheater!” marker.

All Cheat Codes

  • inferno – Invulnerability.
  • entropy – Gives all weapons (also fills all secondary ammos).
  • blackdog – Fills the armor, energy and ammo.
  • fernandos – Gives all security keys.
  • triggered – Unlimited ammo and energy.
  • weapon – Switches the “++ upgrade” of the selected primary weapon.
  • missile – Switches the “++ upgrade” of the selected secondary weapon.
  • astral – Noclip: disable collision with walls and items.
  • buffet – Adds 50 upgrade points of both types.
  • kofusion – Makes the weapons more powerful.
  • boombots – All explosions are wider and stronger.
  • inflation – Balloon mode: Auto ops get bigger as they get damaged.
  • blaze – Faster movement speed.
  • smashy – More powerful smash attack.
  • politely – Auto ops’s rate of fire are slower.
  • molasses – Auto ops’s movement speed are slower.
  • biggrove – Player’s armor regenerate up to 100 after not being hit for 5 seconds.
  • tuberacer – Forces the player to move forward (still can move backward).
  • myonlyhope – Enables the usage of the holo-guide in New Game +.
  • quartzon – Slow motion mode.
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