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OXENFREE II Lost Signals Achievement Guide 100%

OXENFREE II Lost Signals Achievement Guide 100%

This is a 100% achievement guide for OXENFREE II: Lost Signals. (WIP)

A House in the Woods

Go to Jacob’s house, let him in and listen to him talk (unmissable).

With A View in the Distance

Place the transmitter at Charity Point (unmissable).

Don’t Get Wet

Place the transmitter at Tootega Falls (unmissable).

Up On the Roof

Place the transmitter at Garland (unmissable).

Just Stay Put

Speak to Shelly at the Ranger Station and keep talking to her throughout the game. When you go to Funnie’s (I went towards the end of the game), the phone should be ringing. Pick up. After the call, speak to Shelly on the Walkie and tell her not to leave.

Who Could Resist?

Pet Athena before leaving for Edward’s Island.

Paycheck Earned

Speak to Evelyn on the walkie after placing every transmitter. This may not be available straight away so just keep trying to speak to her after placing one.

With Planetshine in Her Eyes

At the end of the game when choosing who should stay to close the portal, let Olivia stay.

On Top of Things

At the community centre, don’t let Olivia open any portion of the portal. This is easier if you have befriended Violet and Charlie as they will try to stop Olivia and give you more time. After this, keep the radio.

3AM Food Friends

Be Nice to Jacob from the start of the game. He will ask a “dumb question”. In response, you need to say “Yes, but that’s not a dumb question”. Jacob will then ask what you should call yourselves, and respond “3AM food friends”.

Problem Solved and Shattered

In contrast to On top of things, you don’t need to stop Olivia before opening any portion of the portal, just make sure she doesn’t finish opening it. Then smash her radio when prompted.

The Light of Possibility

At Charity Point, you’ll get a call from a fisherman, Nick, to look for a backpack at the docks, do so before leaving Charity Point. Once you have done so, keep in contact with him as much as possible. After many conversations, Nick will not be there. After some time he will call and sound a bit different. Call him again and you will have a conversation about the sky. When prompted, say ” It’s something unusual” and “Here’s how to open it”.

Charlie’s Angel

Befriend Charlie at Tootega Falls by looking after him after his possession and stopping Jacob from hitting him.

A Brighter Shade of Violet

Befriend Violet by looking after her after her possession and telling her how to leave Camena.

Unrequited Radio Romance

In the early stages of the game, tune into 88.1 on the radio and listen to Maria. Do this a few times and she should become a contact in your walkie. Speak to her whenever you are able to and she will admit she has a crush on Charlie. Prompt her to ask him out. Tune back into her radio station and listen to her ask him out.

I’ve Had Weirder Jobs

This is a long one…

On Horseshoe Beach, when playing hot and cold, you will enter a cave. In there you will find a shoe. After a scene with Rex, you will wake up. Go back into the cave and pick up the shoe. When you get to Garland, explore the Postman’s office (bottom right of town) and you will speak to Hank. He will ask you for a favour, which you should agree to. Switch on the unit in the house. There are 2 EMF transmitters where you can change the year the tear will take you to. Set the transmitter up the ladder to “3” and the one near the tear to “9” – This will take you to 1930. Use your radio to open the tear and enter it. Outside the building there should be a man. Interact with him to get Jacob to take a photo. Upon leaving, call Hank and he will want more proof, where you say you have the shoe. Leave the shoe in a deposit box and talk to Hank again.

A Good Day Waiting on the Other Side

At the end when deciding who should stay to close the portal, pick Riley.

Merry Scary Christmas

In the caves, Jacob will ask to make a one word story with you. The story you need to make in the end is “Once Santa ate fourteen children loudly”.

He Sounded Familiar

At Garland, before setting up the transmitter, Jacob will fall. Do NOT go for him yet. Get on your walkie to speak to Maria and Evelyn. There should be static on both channels. Move down one level, to where Jacob fell from. After speaking to Jacob, someone should call you on channel 9 on the walkie. Go through that conversation, then go and save Jacob afterwards.

Master of Your Domain

Don’t pet Athena before leaving for Edward’s Island.

Hurt Healed

This is impacted by many things throughout the game:

  • Don’t smash Olivia’s radio at the community centre
  • At the community centre ask her about her parents, don’t wait for Charlie to tell you
  • Keep apologising to her whenever prompted
  • Stop her from opening any part of the portal
  • Choose the nicer dialogue prompts where possible
  • Choose Riley to stay behind at the end

Take Care of Athena

At the end of the game, choose Jacob to stay behind and close the portal. I think you need to be mean to Jacob throughout the game for this one as if you are friends, he does not offer himself to do this and therefore will refuse to stay.

All Adler Letters

This will cover the achievements:

  • A Flash of Green
  • Peace in This Ocean
  • Among the Headstones
  • Orphaned Dreams
  • One Last Mystery

These are only rough locations:

  • Letter 1: Bottom of the Tootega Waterfall
  • Letter 2: Top of Camber Cape
  • Letter 3: Left of the waterfall at point Tilla
  • Letter 4: Top of Garland in the graveyard
  • Letter 5: Outside Funnie’s
  • Letter 6: Below the Ranger station at point Tilla
  • Letter 7: Near the start of Pemmican Trailhead
  • Letter 8: Beside the flagpole above the general store
  • Letter 9: On top of the climb-able wall at Copper Creek Trail, next to the stepping stones to Jacob’s house
  • Letter 10: Bottom right of Waterhead Bluffs after exiting the 1899 time tear in the cave
  • Letter 11: Near the top of Charity Point
  • Letter 12: Horseshoe Beach
  • Letter 13: This is a secret letter only available after collecting the other 12. It will appear near the building just below Jacob’s house in Berenson Creek
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