Pagan Online: Named Enemy Locations

Pagan Online Named Enemy Locations

The Gods are gone – their demise has left the world in turmoil. Dark forces the likes of which have never been seen before are amassing to tear the souls from those too weak to resist and devour whoever is left.

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Fling spells and swing metal, rush enemies and crush bones, and in the end, pry their weapons from their cold, unworthy hands. Carve a path through your enemies in your quest for glory in Pagan Online.

Named Enemy Locations

Campaign Act I
Kazimir BackstabberPower of Drevna KutiaIgman Must Not Fall
Tadey the BackstabberPower of Drevna KutiaOgnya’s Bravery
Led the GuardianPower of Drevna KutiaArcane Craftbox
Naum the HeinousAbsence of GodsQuest for Dabog
Abomination of ChernobogAbsence of GodsDukat’s Instructions
Militsa the AnathemaAbsence of GodsThe Prayers
Little OtrovAbsence of GodsThe Prayers
Otrov’s MotherAbsence of GodsThe Prayers
Arch-Tormentor VratislavAbsence of GodsFollowers of Dabog
Olga the Harbinger of SorrowAbsence of GodsPath of Radiant Blood
Umbral Ruler BranmirAbsence of GodsThe Bridge
Fell Monarch DragutinA Place Once HolyThe Great Hall
Lazhar the Darkness of KaradolA Place Once HolyTemple of Corruption
King VukashinA Place Once HolyThe King of Nothing
Campaign Act II
Berislav the Madness of WorldsTears in the FogSiege Survival
Stanislav the Herald of DoomTears in the FogBlot out the moonlight
Bogdana of the Barren WastesTears in the FogFallen, not Forgotten
Slavitsa of the Darkest UrgeTears in the FogDraconic Deal
Fallen LordTears in the FogTears in the Snow
Baroness TamarixTears in the FogThe Champion of Dabog
Gorhan of Maleficent BladesTears in the FogThe Champion of Dabog
Demolisher DmitreiThe Diminishing SunThe Charnel Path
Borislav the Poisoner of TruthThe Diminishing SunThe grave tells no tales
Radomir the Poisoner of TruthThe Diminishing SunThe grave tells no tales
Svetoslav the Poisoner of TruthThe Diminishing SunThe grave tells no tales
Blazh the Poisoner of TruthThe Diminishing SunThe grave tells no tales
Yaroslava of the Fallen KingdomThe Diminishing SunRoad to Ruin
Voya the SilentThe Diminishing SunVoice of Usud
Usud the WardenThe Diminishing SunOf Light and Darkness
Campaign Act III
Aina the MalcontentDead in the SandNothing grows here
WolfDead in the SandNothing grows here
Volodimeru of the Fallen RealmsDead in the SandNature, Deserted
Mechislav of the Burning WindDead in the SandThe Sacrifice
Milivoj of the Burning WindDead in the SandThe Sacrifice
Atrax of End TimesBlood, Sand, FlameSeedlings of Veles
Chief YavaBlood, Sand, FlameEntrance of the Conflagration
Sovereign PremislavBlood, Sand, FlameTricks and Trees
Zharko the BurningBlood, Sand, FlameReign of Kablar
Ognyen the BurningBlood, Sand, FlameReign of Kablar
Ugliesha the BurningBlood, Sand, FlameReign of Kablar
Rada the Bringer of EndingsBlood, Sand, FlameNo More Heroes
Vladimir of the NorthDragonslayerFire versus Ice
Zbignev of the Dark EclipseDragonslayerFire versus Ice
Chestirad of the AbyssDragonslayerFire versus Ice
Tomislava of the ShadowsDragonslayerA Warrior’s Will
Galina the Apostle of MiseryDragonslayerThe Passing of the Torch
BolDragonslayerThe Passing of the Torch
ChemerDragonslayerThe Passing of the Torch
YaddDragonslayerThe Passing of the Torch
Kablar the TyrantDragonslayerDragonslayer
Campaign Act IV
Boleslava the VilespawnWealdfruit, WildwoodSeek and you shall find
Desilav the ShadereaverWealdfruit, WildwoodThe Fruit of our Toil
Dobromil the UndyingWealdfruit, WildwoodDrink to the Gods
Mistress SofiyaWealdfruit, WildwoodOne of the Road
Overlord BerislavTo Wander ForeverA Question Too Many
Gostislav of the Lost TribesTo Wander ForeverA Prison of Your Own Making
Strashna ZhabaTo Wander ForeverTrouble in Paradise
VelesTo Wander ForeverThe Mad God
Campaign Act V
Bogumir the Blade of FrostThe Fall of Fort IgmanEnd Times
Ninoslav the AbidingThe Fall of Fort IgmanHonorable Retreat
Glacier MiraThe Fall of Fort IgmanThe Last of their Kind
Glacier VesnaThe Fall of Fort IgmanThe Last of their Kind
Umbral Queen ZaryaThe Fall of Fort IgmanRemnants of Igman
Cyril the AbhorrentThe Path to PerunA Place of Strife
Conqueror MiloshThe Path to PerunBogged Down
Black Shade VasiliThe Path to PerunA Lake’s Worth of Water
Overseer TomislavThe Path to PerunAn Endless Spring
ToxicodendronThe Path to PerunRestless, Relentless
Furun The SoulsmithThe Path to PerunTwilight of the Thunder God


Servant of God (Lukian Shards)
Chosen of Triglav

Iron Made (Kingewitch Shards)

Lord Gvozden

About a Witch (Anya Shards)

Dobrilla of the South

Ruthless Maniac (Istok Shards)

Zloran the Traitor

Burning Hatred (Masha Shards)

Count Plamen

The Evil is Rabid (Dameer Shards)

Pas the Biter

Corrupted Woodnymph (Morokh Shards)

Mistress of Anton

Power Overwhelming (Valeria Shards)

Mladen the Half-Elbow

Breaker of Skies (? Shards)

Kablar The Undying


Mortarion the Bold

Vladar Burial Ground

Overseer Ratkor of the Frigid Tribes

Igman Stronhold



The Plight of Igman

Lord Naum the Cruel

An Omen of Frost


Shiver Master Erak

These monks of stone…


Through thorns to divinity

Vasil Frostwall

Blood and Blizzard

Gadan the Nasty

Final Moments

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