X4: Foundations – Vanilla savegames

X4 Foundations Guide

In some cases the game might have problems starting a new game (f.e. we received reports where the universe generation continuously crashed on certain machines/environments). While we hope to have all of the causes resolved soon, we still want to provide players who are effected by issues like this to be able to start the … Read more

Ghost Recon Breakpoint Cover Up – Cape North Guide

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

These little missions scattered across the map are as engaging as they are rewarding; playing through them will give you the little boost you need to keep yourself going through the game as smoothly as possible. The difficulty of these side quests in Ghost Recon is more dependent on the number of AI. You’ll find … Read more

Total War Three Kingdoms: Guide to Experience and Military Tab

Total War Three Kingdoms Yekbot

Characters are complex. They have different personalities, different drives and motivations, and build relationships – both positive and negative – with those around them. You must attend to their needs in order to keep them loyal, and shield them from situations which will dissatisfy or endanger them. Characters in Three Kingdoms touch every part of … Read more