Paladins Best talent for each champion

Which talent should you use for your favourite champion? This guide will probably answer that question. Remember that with a talent a loadout is needed to perfect it.

Paladins Best talent for each champion

  • Androxus: Depends on your playstyle
  • Ash: Battering ram
  • Atlas: Deja vu
  • Barik: Fortify
  • Bomb King: Depend on your playstyle
  • Buck: Ensnare / bounce house
  • Cassie: Depend on your playstyle
  • Corvus: Lets see
  • Dredge: Abyss spike
  • Drogoz: Fusillade / w.y.r.m jet
  • Evei: Wormhole
  • Nando: Scorch
  • Furia: Cherish / Solar Blessing
  • Grohk: Totemic ward
  • Grover: Deep roots / Ferocity
  • Imani: Mana rift
  • Inara: Mothers grace
  • Io: Goddess blessing
  • Jenos: Luminary
  • Khan: Storm of bullets
  • Kinessa: Depend on your playstyle
  • Koga: Adrenaline junkie
  • Lex: Discovery / Death hasten
  • Lian: Eminence / Precision
  • Maeve: Rouge Gambit
  • Makoa: Half Shell / Pluck
  • Mal damba: Ripened Gourd
  • Moji: Boom boom / Toot
  • Pip: Catalyst
  • Raum: Enforcer
  • Ruckus: Rocket barrage
  • Seris: Mortal reach
  • Shalin: Recurve
  • Skye: Depend on your playstyle
  • Strix: Nocturnal
  • Talus: Nothing personal
  • Terminus: Decimation
  • Tiberius: Depend on your playstyle
  • Torv: Just why are you playing this guy?
  • Tyra: Burn monster
  • Viktor: The grenade talent  (I forgot what its called)
  • Vivian: Opportunity in chaos
  • Willo: Blast flower
  • Ying: Life exchange / focusing lense
  • Zhin: Yomi / smolder


The talents that I mention first is the talents that I prefer the most. And the one that I say depends on your playstyle means their talent is probably equal and none is superior to the others.

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