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Paladins – Koga Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks

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A General Koga Tip

The best Koga’s can are the ones that can be efficient with their energy. This is why I said to engage with Agility. What’s not to love about it? You can get into your preferred range with Koga at the expense of 1 health bar which is also regenerating as you use it. Now your back to 3 and you can use agility again. This is truly my best tip. I can’t stress enough how many times I myself have died because I was stupid enough to engage with Shadow Step. The distance you can cover with Agility is much more than what you cover with Shadow Step. It’s just a better option. Use your shadow step when you absolutely need to.

A Simple Trick

Don’t forget that you have a wall climb. If you are low and are running away from an enemy get around a corner and climb. My time playing Drogoz has taught me that no one looks up. So if you find a suitable wall climb, this may be enough time for your regen to kick in or a charge of your energy may come giving you an escape. You may even be high enough to get healing from a healer due to the line of sight.

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Smart Utility

If you need to escape a hairy situation and you have 3 charges, don’t waste them all on dashes. At least have 1 charge used for agility. You can cover more ground with agility and you also are harder to hit if you have good movement. I personally do a dash, dash, run. Since I have the healing cards on my dash I get some of my health back. Then if I’m not back with my team, I have 1 more charge left because I used agility instead of a dash which gets a regen of charge.

A Paladins Tip for ANY Champion

Ok, I lied. Being efficient with energy isn’t the best tip I can give you. The very best tip I can give you is learning to play other characters. Seriously. There are different mindsets to when you play other characters. Understanding what you are facing is much better than understanding efficiency. Understanding the game mechanics of other characters helps you out in the long run. Then you understand timings that will help you out in your duels. I can list everything I can about how I beat this champion or this champion but at the end of the day, I am not you. You need to learn this by failing. Timing isn’t something you learn overnight. It takes hundreds of games to understand that.

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