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Paleo Pines How to Make Dinosaurs Love You Faster

For all your dino booping needs.

Paleo Pines How to Make Dinosaurs Love You Faster

This game is bad at explaining stuff

I noticed a lot of people were confused or misunderstood how the happiness mechanic works, so I am here to help c:
In general this game does a poor job of explaining a lot of things, that was a problem in the demo as well. Personally I don’t find it to be a deal breaker, but I understand if some do. Let me guide you through the mess that is this game’s minimally explained friendship mechanic hehe

The happiness bar doesn’t work how you think it works

How to make dinosaurs love you faster (and how it works)

So, let us take our friend Tulip here. As you can see, her happiness bar is missing a chunk. This does not mean she is about to become a helper the next day, it means I haven’t completed all the optional tasks I could do that day to make her happier. The happiness bar works like a points system, I do not know how many points exactly it’s worth or how many points each dinosaur has, but that’s the basic idea. We can further break it down by dissecting what I’ve done today to make Tulip happy:

[These points aren’t completely accurate, this is just an example]

  • She has a dreamstone Yes – +4 points (The dreamstone does not have to be biome specific)
  • She likes her pen biome Yes – +3 points
  • She has food Yes – +2 point
  • Her pen is clean Yes – +2 point
  • (Optional Mostly) She likes her pen size Yes – +2 points
  • (Optional) She has a friend and is a pack dinosaur Yes – +2 points
  • (Optional) She has been visited that day Yes – +2 point
  • (Optional) She has been petted that day Yes – +3 points
  • (Optional) She has had her friend call played to her Yes – +7 points
  • (Optional) She has been taken out on a walk outside the ranch No – +0 points

Note: You can feed them treats of their favorite flavor/discover their favorite treat, but I find it doesn’t change much and probably has the same point worth as just petting them

  • Daily Point Total: 25/30
  • Helper Point Total: 25/125

See what I am missing? I have not taken her on a walk yet. Now keep in mind, all of the lower tasks are optional, but they substantially increase the speed of which it takes for your dinosaur to begin helping you. Of course once you have a lot of dinosaurs like I do, walking individual ones is kind of out of the way and takes time, hence why I haven’t walked Tulip, but walking bigger dinosaurs that take more points until helper happiness is reached is a good idea. I had a Tyrannosaurus who I took with me on walks and even she took like half the season to become a Helper. The point total also depends on what your dinosaur’s skills are and what species they are, give or take.

How to make dinosaurs love you faster (and how it works)

The ‘Tier’ System

There’s a couple of factors as to why your dinosaur is taking so long, but usually it’s either the species and what their skills are. I will try to break it down a bit, but this is not a direct idea since I do not have access to game data or anything like that. This is just data I’ve personally tracked.

Happiness Speed

  • Stompers – Very Slow
  • Slashers – Quite Slow
  • Breakers – Slow
  • Ground Harvesters – Slow(?)
  • Waterers – Medium
  • Clearers – Medium
  • Sprinters – Medium
  • Tenders – Fast
  • Discoverers – Fast

I’ve always had Stompers such as T-Rex and Ankylosaurus take FOREVER to become a helper, even when I’ve done everything that day. Plus, their skills are not all of the calculations, the species matters as well.

I have T-Rex and Carnotaurus. Both are large carnivores, both are Stomper/Waterers. T-Rex took multiple weeks as previously stated, Carnotaurus took 3 days to become a helper (without walks). If nothing seems to be working, it isn’t your fault, you might just have a big boi who takes more TLC than most and has very high value skills in his roster. The game sees the top 3 skills as very valuable anyway, since these skills are used to clear roadblocks, it makes sense that they would want you to work your best to earn your dinosaur’s trust so you can progress the game. This is a game about friendship, therefore we must have friends in order to succeed 😀
Real life friends not required


Extra section time. Stamina goes up when you level up, obviously, but my dino has already broken 50 rocks today and now their stamina is drained but I’m not done clearing rocks. What now?

Feed them their favorite poppin! It seems wasteful since you need those to tame stuff, but feeding a Helper their favorite poppin will completely fill their stamina bar. I would recommend saving that trick for when they have more levels and therefore more stamina, though. Yes they have very low stamina at lower levels, but feeding a poppin just to restore the equivalent of 5 rock breaks in stamina is even more of a waste, don’tcha think? Plus feeding them poppins probably gives a massive boost to the happiness bar, but I haven’t been bold enough to try it lol

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