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Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe: Perfect Orders Guide

Some people may complain about getting low scores but just can’t do better. I’m going to give you some tips on how to get a little better and serve “PERFECT” orders with relative easy.

Perfect Orders Guide

I was going through my achievements menu and I noticed the relatively low achieve-rate for the achievement that requires you to get the “PERFECT” rating on 30 orders and even saw one person complaing that “iT’s iMPoSsIBlE”. I decided to write this guide to prove that it indeed is nothing hard to make the truly perfect order.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

This is, by the way, the very first actual serious guide on this game’s Steam guides page. Idk why but these guides turned into a place for trollers and memers creating stuff with no real meaning or purpose, I think it’s deeply sad, so I am honestly proud to be the first one to write a guide that makes sense. At least I hope so.

The Order Station

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

The order station is the place your customers show up when they arrive. You take their order behind the counter OR let your co-worker answer the phone/get the order in the dining room. The different locations the customers may place orders from does not affect your score at all, regarding one popular disbelief. The only thing that matters and affects your score is, of course, your pieces of art from the kitchen.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily
[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily
[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

Another mention-worthy thing is that the Order Station ranks ONLY how long you took to serve the customer. You don’t want to leave your customers wait for too long; they are going to stay at 100% for a long time, but when the percents start dropping, it is a very quick process.

Please note that customers will never leave your restaurant, no matter how long are they waiting. Feel free to leave them wait for a week straight, BUT, you obviously want to serve them quickly, because of the score.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

One method of increasing the customer wait time is decorating your lobby with items. The shop offers a fine selection of some basic ones, those are a good start.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

But most items are unavailable, because they have to be won by playing the Foodini minigames at the end of each day. The tickets necessary to give them a shot are achieved by getting high amounts of points during a day, you can get 3 tickets at most during a day + a maximum of 4 extra if you take advantage of certain special recipes. This is actually huge.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

Use items that are matching with current ongoing holiday, for example, you want to place maple mornings themed items if the maple morning festival is active. You can of course use any items at any time, even if they are off-holiday, but they won’t give you the maximum amount of points. The on-holiday items give double.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

Then there are rare items, that you can get by winning a specific Foodini minigame 14 times. There are three possible per minigame, so you can get (very hard maths), 7×3=24 rare items. Placing all at once is not necessary, just thought it’s an interesting fact. These rare items don’t have any exclusive holiday, but they have a very high points rating, so it’s adviseable to use those as well.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

Another potential waiting time extender would be dressing both workers in clothes matching the holiday. Not sure if it actually extends the waiting time, BUT customers do give higher tips, so it’s not a bad idea. This is an example for Maple Mornings.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

Buying the doorbell is the most important purchase in all of Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe. It costs only 5 bucks and you can afford it after the very first day (if you can’t, then there’s really something wrong). Helps you notice new customers even faster, so while there are none new, you can focus on more important things.

[GUIDE] How to make PERFECT orders easily

One last tip is buying blend boosters at the Shop. Don’t waste all your money on buying all 4 ASAP, you really need just two. Buy the remaining ones only if you have a lot of spare cash (for the achievement). Probably don’t try to get perfect order station until you get the boosters, because the blending is a horribly slow process that you have no control over without the boosters and the timer is still ticking down.

The Build Station

The build station is where you start by selecting cup size, adding ice cream, and then two flavour based things the customer orders. The way you add those is by pressing a button at the right time at which the pointer is in the green zone.

For a perfect order, the right size and all 3 perfect clicks must be performed.

You can completely skip the first ice cream click by buying one of the upgrades at the shop for 250 bucks. The remaining two ones have to be performed by yourself.

Ever noticed that if you leave the pointer cycle for long, it keeps slowing down over time? That’s the one thing you don’t want to happen, because that worsens your rating. You have to click the button while the pointer is still going at full speed and also hit the green zone at the same time. The full speed lasts for 2-3 cycles and then it starts slowing down. This might be harder when starting out, but you’ll get used to that eventually. Missed it? Either restart or just ♥♥♥♥ it and go on and try to get it on the next order, it’s better that way, probably. Unless you’re going for 100% service quality, but that’s not necessary.

Make sure to pick the right cup size and the flavors too. It’s surprisingly easy to mess that up. Be observant and double check before you click anything.

The Blend Station

The second step to making the perfect sundae. So…

…as already mentioned, buy at least 1 – 2 boosters to speed up the blending process to improve the Order Station score.

Next thing – make sure to buy the alarms. Go for the middle alarm first, because for about the first 2 weeks, only standard blended sundaes are being ordered, so the other ones are useless. Make sure you buy the chunky alarm next by the thrid week, as that’s the time they’ll likely get ordered. Buy the smooth alarm when autumn starts.

The reason why are those important is:
1) you can use the time you keep checking the sundaes or even wait a while for it to finish just to be safe it does not overblend while you do stuff to work on other sundaes.
2) you can keep working without a care about those. Just make sure to quickly hop in to send the sundaes to the Top Station when the alarm sounds.

Two more things to keep in mind are that…

…you should always make sure you don’t forget to set up your alarm, because if you do, it will obviously not alarm you of the blending process completion.

…and before you go take any orders to the Order Station, ALWAYS go through the Blend Station first. While taking an order, you are not able to go anywhere else until the order is fully placed. So if are taking an order and the alarm starts ringing, you can’t do anything and the score is most likely messed up.

The Top Station

The last station, the Top Station! Time to decorate the sundaes.

Always make sure that you’re copying the correct customer order before you start. It kept happening to me when I was a kid, it’s an incredibly dumb mistake yet it’s surprisingly easy to mess this up.

The different topings HAVE TO be placed in the correct order, from the bottom to top. If the sprinkles are above chocolate chips, the chocolate chips have to be sprinkled first and then the sprinkles, it can’t go the other way around (the people are so picky wtf).

Make sure you don’t make any mistakes, as the only way to fix the mistakes would be to start all over and that’s simply not worth it.

While at the Top Station, be careful not to spill a single drop of whipped cream/shakers/sauces outside the cup. A single sprinkle outside of the cup locks you out of the 100%, which is incredibly annoying, yet it’s the process of learning. Despite the fact that the whipped cream application seems RNG, as long as you put all of it inside the cup, it does not seem to affect the Top Station score (had really weird designs of if and still got PERFECT), but what is affecting the Top Station score is:

1) placing the shakers/sauces evenly across the whole sundae
2) the correct types of all toppings
3) correct locations of the wafers/jelly onions and other decorative things at the very top
4) nothing is spilled (we are saving food, nothing goes to waste, not even a single chocolate chip)

Also make sure you place the correct ticket when finishing the order, again, a dumb mistake that kept happening when I were a kid.


As long as you do everything correctly, you should be able to do 100% orders every time.

Written by silverfish003cz

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