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Paradise Lust Raven’s Quest Guide

Contains all of the current quests and how to complete them for Raven.

Raven’s Quests

Tuvatuva Reality TV

Quest Description: Assist Raven with her equipment.

  • After talking to Raven, she’ll ask you to talk to Erik who is in the Resort’s Lobby.
  • You’ll be prompted to visit the Moby ♥♥♥♥, doing so unlocks the Launchdeck location. (Garage-like door at the back of the ship).
  • Once at the Launchdeck, talk to Raven to finish the quest.

B-Roll Begins

Quest Description: Find Raven in the Lounge!

  • Raven will ask for you to get her 5 good scenic pictures.
  • The following areas will allow you to take a picture of it:
    • Resort: Lounge, Gas Tanks, Resort Beach
    • Lagoon: Lagoon’s Waterfall, Riverside, Tower Path.
    • Cove: Ocean.
  • Once you have taken enough pictures, return to Raven and meet her in her room which is located in the Resort’s Hall, last door on the left.
  • Talk to her and complete the minigame to finish the quest.


Quest Description: Smoke with Raven

  • Raven will ask you to get her tobacco from her bag which is located in Moby ♥♥♥♥’s Launchdeck.
  • You can get the hose for the Hookah by going down to the Basement Area and clicking on the First Aid Box. Click on the tubing to get it.
  • Once you have both items, you can head over to the Resort’s Lounge and click on the table to build the Hookah. This will require 40 Energy.
  • Return to Raven to show off your Hookah and unlock a new evening activity.
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I Have People For That

Quest Description: Fix Raven’s Camera

  • Bring Raven’s Camera to Gabby. Talk to her and this will complete the quest.

Gabby Refactored the ♥♥♥♥ Out of It!Quest Description: Return Fixed Camera

  • Take the camera back to Raven in her room and it will automatically complete the quest.

Yeah I Wanna ♥♥♥ C!

Quest Description: Help Raven with Maria Images

  • Head over to Raven’s room and you’ll initiate three minigames afterwards, unlocking a wallpaper for each one. Once you’re done with all three, the quest will complete itself.

Get the Big A*s Lens!

Quest Description: Get the Big Ass Lens from the Garage

  • Head over to the Launchdeck and click on the pile of stuff, to initiate a minigame. Finish it and you’ll complete the quest.
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