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Parkasaurus Traits Guide: How to Get & Effects

This guide details what traits there are and how to get them.

What Traits Do

Traits raise dinosaur appeal and can change dinosaur behavior and appearance, or game play mechanics such as breeding.

Trait Effects

Each trait does something to a dinosaur, either behaviorally or physically.

  • The chubby trait makes a dino eat more but grow larger.
  • The friendly trait makes the dinosaur more friendly to other dinosaurs.
  • The poopy trait makes the dinosaur poop more.
  • The shy trait makes the dinosaur dislike crowded spaces.
  • The scary trait makes the dinosaur more scary to other dinosaurs.
  • The parthenogensis trait makes the dinosaur able to reproduce without a partner.
  • The sleep trait makes the dinosaur sleep more often.
  • The damage trait makes the dinosaur do more damage when attacking.
  • The showoff trait makes the dinosaur enjoy attention from guests.
  • The sparkly trait makes the dinosaur have a shiny, glowing secondary color and have more appeal.

How to Get Traits

To gain a trait you must put an item in one or both of the blue slots in a dinosaur’s egg info before they hatch. Once hatched or by looking through the scan option, you can see what trait they have gotten.

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  • Meat – Chubby
  • Plant – Friendly
  • Footprints – Shy
  • Skulls– Scary
  • Dinosaur Egg – Poopy
  • Epic Gem – Parthenogensis
  • Imperfect Gen & Rare Gem – Sparkly


  • Sleep – Twirly Hat, Winter Hat, Stargate Glasses, Hotdog Hat, Cone of Shame, Cheese Hat, Holiday Fun, Hip Glasses, & Bow
  • Damage – Fedora, Witch Hat, & Unicorn Horn
  • Showoff – Cool Glasses
  • Smart – Space Glasses
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