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Parking Tycoon Business Simulator Starting Guide

As of release date, there are no tutorial included in the game, here’s how to start.

Parking Tycoon Business Simulator Starting Guide


You have selected new game and you want to start.

  • Remove all the planks that is in the office door way to access the computer. Once on the computer, you want to build the first step of the parking lot. Concrete the ground. Then you want to buy some paint from the shop, in the computer, there is a tab at the top called shop, the default page is parking facilities. You want to buy at least 10 paint. It’s one paint per parking space.Then on the left side, you want to go in the security tab and buy a manual parking barrier. And then click buy at the bottom right. Keep in mind that once you order something, the truck will need to complete it’s delivery before you can order something else.
  • While waiting for the delivery, you can clean the area of all debris. You can only bring one big item at a time. So it will take a while to clean everything. Every piece of trash in your parking lot will remove 2 points of reputation.
  • The truck arrived but you are not done with the trash, leave the trash and attend to the delivery. Inside your office there is another room, the warehouse with doors. You can open the doors to allow the truck to back into the warehouse. Once the truck is stationary, you can interact with the truck to empty it. Once empty, the truck will leave. You can grab everything you unloaded from the shelves inside your warehouse. Just interact with the shelves, you need to select the item and then transfer all the items to your inventory with the buttons between both inventory.
  • Inventory: To access your inventory, press Q on your keyboard and mouse over the backpack. Select the paint can and select the equip button at the bottom. Walk over to your concrete parking and start painting the parking spots. It doesn’t matter which one you paint, they will all be painted soon. Next, you want to set up the manual parking barrier, there’s only one place it can fit and it’s at the exit, just follow the dirt road.
  • While waiting for your customers, you can keep cleaning your parking lot. Customers will park their car, leave. Come back later, get inside their car and head for the exit. You need to be at the exit to collect the fare when the customer want to leave. Any delay and the customer might leave (if the barrier is open) or even ram the barrier itself (after a bigger lapse than if it was open) Making you buy another barrier.
  • On the other side of the dirt road is a garbage can. By now you should realized that your customers are littering the parking lot with garbage. If you keep that garbage can empty, the amount of garbage left by your customers will be considerable. “Hint” Keep it empty. (As of release date, it fills up very quickly).
  • When you are waiting for more money and for your customers to leave, you can go around your parking lot and pick up any trash left by your customers. Hit Q on your keyboard and mouse over the garbage bag, you can fit about 10 pieces of garbage in it before it transform into a garbage bag, as of now, leaving the garbage bag on the ground doesn’t affect your reputation.
  • You also want to invest in decoration for your parking lot. Some bushes, flowers and accessories will make the specific parking spot rate to increase, or the parking area in general.


  • Improving your parking lot
  • You can buy more decoration to increase the hourly rate of your parking lot. As the game advance, you will unlock new area (3 more) that are the same size as the first one. The bushes you install in 1 area will not increase the hourly rate of the next area.
  • You can also buy parking facilities from the shop. If you are at level 2 on the reputation, you now have access to parking limiter. Those things helps the driver keeps it’s distance when parking. It increase the hourly rate of that specific parking spot by 2$ per hour per parking spot.
  • You can also add some lights from the shop. Those will not increase your revenue, but it will increase your reputation to the next level. Those lights are specific to a location in your parking lot.
  • You can hire employees, they have different shifts. Clicking on the employ button will only hire an employee for the next shift and for only one shift. If you hire someone at 11:00 am from the shift 10:00 to 18:00, that employee will only show up the next day since the day has already started. You can also activate the auto function in the employee tab, that mean the selected employee will show up every day until you cancel the auto function.


  • There are some bad people in the neighborhood. You need to keep an eye out for them.
  • One of them will try to tag your office. If you hit him with your club (Q on your keyboard and select the club) They will leave you alone… for a few minutes. If he succeed in tagging your office, you will suffer a -50 to your reputation until it is remove. It is free to remove but takes some time to remove.
  • The other one will try to steal car parts from your customers. If you hit him with your club before he’s finish, he will run away and come back. If he succeed in stealing parts, it will cost you either 300$ to replace the wheel or 600$ to replace a door. You will see an icon similar to the graffiti icon with a -50 reputation. When that icon appears, walk to the customer who is missing a door or a wheel and pay him. (Game mechanic)
  • Fences. You can buy fences to set up around your parking lot. As you increase the size of your parking lot, you also have to add more fences. Once the perimeter is complete, it will slow down the bad guys. They will bash on the fence until it’s either destroyed (and an act of vandalism is done) Or until you approach him and tell him to “get out of here”.
  • You can also hire a security. Sadly, only one, depending on the size of your parking lots it will not be enough. Keep an eye out on your fence and replace any broken part.
  • Camera. The cameras you can purchase from the shop will increase your parking lot reputation.
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