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Party Hard 2 – Achievement Guide / How to Get All Achievements


Just don’t ask how he does it
Take 5 people out at once with your skillGo inside and use your skill (Hold “R”) inside crowd. Currently broken.

I just want to get some sleep
Execute 5x combo

Stab 5 people fast and go to jail.

It just popped up, I didn’t do anything…
Complete a hidden objective

Walk up to the guard near army crates and it should trigger an objective.

Catch me if… You can’t
Escape from the police

Use shortcut each time policemen close to you.

There’s always a line to cross
Take a police officer out

Can be killed by explosions or any other traps.

Killing is an ancient craft
Craft an item

Easiest recipy is alcohol + any pills.

Spare them all
Beat a level without taking any of the security guards out

Walk up to the guard near army crates and it should trigger an objective. Kill targets and leave. (Guards will help you with that)

Wanted your paid sick days, huh?
Hit a security guard with a stun gun

Each security guard drops a stun gun after death. Use it on any of them. Stun gun unlocks after some progression in criminal/anarchy branches.

Kill them all on any level

Use traps, knife, items from crates, your imagination.


They died with odor
Poison partygoers through the ventilation1.Get pills in the Bathroom (In the main building with the Dance Floor, botton left corner)
2.Go through the window that is located at the bottom-right side of the building.
3.Use Pills on the vent near the window.

Brick on a throttle
Take 15 partygoers out at once with a car

Car is located on left side of map. Trigger it and get achievement is you are lucky enough.

Take 10 partygoers out with fire

Shish kebab, anyone?
Take 10 partygoers out with fire in a row

Trigger speakers explosion on any level and get both if you are lucky.


I take–I give
Resuscitate 3 different people1.Kill any 3 partygoers.
2.Place their bodies on the operational table (bottom left corner of building).

Short circuit, we suppose
Take 10 partygoers out with electricity

Use boilers to partygoers out with electricity. Cumulative achievement.


And you didn’t believe
Summon a UFO1.Kill a Goon on the lower-left corner of the map, he will drop a Hacker Chip.
2. Use Hacker Chip and Soda on circle in botton right corner of map and UFO will appear.

Hey, that’s a federal crime
Call a SWAT team

Throw molotov on blocking crates (Motel last apartment on the right). Take the suitcase and place it, then trigger 911 call.

Hit 10 partygoers while riding a motorcycle

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Motorcycle is located near motel. Currently bugged, you can hit 1 partygoer and get it.


Perform on the stageGo on the stage and press your interact button (“Q” by Default).


Boss won’t know
Call a stripperInteract with the poster in the room with monitors.


Serving revenge hot
Take Foreman’s bodyguard out in under 3 minutesThe bigger they are, the sooner they die
Take Foreman’s bodyguard out

Beat a level without any of the partygoers calling 911

Use traps (It deals more damage to boss), stun andstab him and so on. Also you will get no 911 calls achievement as there is no partygoers on level.


He’s like a rat
Explore one of the secret areasFind the Wooden crates at the right side of the map. Break them with knife.


Break glass in case of insanity
Stop the train underboss is using in under 3 minutesGo to the right when you spawn, get in the small room and pick up GPS Tracker. You can travel between the train ways by using crosswalks.The Underboss wears black tuxedo suit. Pull red lever to stop the train if you and target are on the same train.


No level specific achievements.


Win a boxing matchAwarded randomly when 2 Fighters on the ring are knocked out or stunned.

Look, mom, a flying pig!
Make a cop fly

Every time cops appear on level and go inside club they way lies around baloons. Trigger baloon trap when cop is close to it. (Or use stun gun to make it easier)

Jason Who?
Kill them all on ALL levels

Ladies on this level triggers panic event, which causes leaving ~20 people from level so you dont want them to see corpses. Also from time to time people leaves level by going to left upper corner of map. Put all bodies there to beat this level without panic. Other levels arent so hard to get all kills.

Rest in peace, buddy
Alarm the bikers

Trigger alarm on biker’s motorcycle.


Who said this whole thing was outdated?
Turn someone into a zombieGo to the upper part of the room where you start and set free the tied person.


Unchain my mind
Finish Party Hard 2Kill boss.

The mask told me to
Complete all hidden objectives

It was bugged during beta (Everyone who launched the game in beta got it). Now its almost impossible to get as some hidden objectives are broken.

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