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Path of Exile: Beginner’s Luck Achievement Guide

This guide explains the quickest way to get the “Beginner’s Luck” achievement in Path of Exile.

Beginner’s Luck Achievement Guide

The beginner’s luck achievement is obtained by having a unique item drop in Twilight Strand (the first area of the game) in normal difficulty. This guide explains how I got the achievement, and how you can get it pretty easily too!

Getting Started

You’re going to need a new character because once you leave the twilight strand in normal, you can never go back. Create a total of 5 marauders, try to name them all close together alphabetically so they appear beside each other in your character selection list, you’ll be jumping between them often. Hop on your first Marauder and let’s get started.

The Run

When you appear on the beach with your brand new marauder grab the starter weapon and gem from the zombie. Run to Hillock, killing enough enemies along the way to reach level 2. Put the point in the 15% melee damage node. Kill hillock. Now exit to the character select screen before going into lioneye’s watch, and hop on your next marauder. If you go in, your character can never go back into twilight strand. It takes a few minutes for the zone to reset, which is why we’re jumping between characters.

After your first run, where you got to level 2, you shouldn’t be killing any monsters on the way to Hillock, just run straight for him grabbing convenient chests along the way, and kill him.


You’ll be in Twilight Strand for quite a while, so you’ll actually be gearing up significantly. On each piece you are trying to get Item Quantity/Rarity (of collecting / of plunder suffix), here are the base types and other affixes I reccommend, though feel free to switch base types if you are efficiently killing Hillock, the increase IIR/IIQ is worth it.

  • Head: Anything
  • Chest: Nothing – it will decrease movespeed
  • Amulet: Paua Amulet
  • Ring: Iron Ring
  • Belt: Rustic Sash
  • Gloves: +atk speed is nice
  • Boots: +move speed (Huge help)
  • Weapon: Driftwood maul or corroded blade, whatever rolls higher DPS

Skill Points

Take the melee damage nodes, you shouldn’t have any trouble with survivability.


Move speed boots are a huge help.

Wisdom scroll’s are limited. If you already have a good item in a slot with item rarity or quantity, don’t waste a scroll. Save it for a weapon upgrade or filling an empty slot.

Written by JayVan

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