Pathfinder: Kingmaker – A Warm Welcome from the League Quest

Pathfinder Kingmaker Quests

A Warm Welcome from the League Quest

This quest starts accidentally. People from the League under Kalana’s leadership will attack you when you move around the map. You can seek the support of the League if you give one of your allies up them. It’s your choice, but we chose the following way.

Refuse them and then defeat all of them. Kalana will escape the scene. Save the game before you leave this location because you will be tested. Nature knowledge helped us, that’s why we know the League’s camp location. You can also find it on your own. The camp is located near the Temple of the Elk.

Go there, defeat enemies in the top left corner of the screen and decide how to treat Kalana. You can kill her or let her go. Make a decision on your own, but you can invite Regongar and Octavia to your squad regardless of your decision. You can add them to your group replacing some of the members of your party or you can do it later at Oleg’s trading post. You’ll receive 200 experience points at the end of this quest.

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