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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Along the Cold Trail Walkthrough

Along the Cold Trail Walkthrough

In the Kellid Barbarian Camp location, you will find a Defaced Sister. Talk to her. She will say that if you find her friends, also Defaced Sisters, you will find out what happened in Varnhold. You need to visit three places, preferably in the same order as specified in the quest description (bottom to top). One sister went to the Forsaken Mound. Head down the map until you find the location in between the fork in the road (screenshot attached). Go there, complete another text quest and obtain the Cyclops Incense Burner. The Defaced Sister is dead. You do not need to return to quest givers!

The next location is Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes. It is closer to Varnhold but is still to the right of it. Open the stone door by saying the magic word you learned from the Defaced Sister. Go ahead and talk to the wounded Brag. Decide if you want to kill him or heal. Push the floor button and go further. Stop by the next button. Note that this one is divided into two colors — green and yellow. Press it to open all the yellow doors. Follow the only available route to the far side, dealing with the enemies on the way. Then click the button with one color (orange). Contrary to all, it will open only one door!

  • Here is a hint: Buttons with one color are activated only once, while buttons with two colors can be activated numerous times. Use it to adjust them for your own needs.

After pushing the orange button, go back to the plate with green and yellow colors. Place one character next to it and go through the opened door (northwest) with the remaining five. Cross the room to get to the far corridor behind the other yellow door (northwest). You have already gone there (and activated the orange button). Now we are interested in the left door, the green one. Use one character to push the yellow-green plate. Nearby doors will close, but you have already passed through them with the other heroes. Follow through the opened door in the far corridor (northwest) with your remaining characters, reach the new button and press it. This blue button opens only one door and triggers a timer — after a few seconds the doors will close again. It is advisable to leave another character here.

Go back to the yellow-green pressure plate. The door to the right of it (northeast) is already open (with an orange button). Head through this door and follow the path until you reach a dead end with blue- and orange-colored doors. The blue door over here can be opened with that very blue button you have seen before. If you go there, you will find two more doors — an orange one and one with three colors (white, blue and orange).

Now return to the yellow-green button, leave one hero here and activate it so that you can enter the next room (northwest). Go there with a part of your squad and press the yellow-green button again. Yellow doors will close, but two other doors in the room will open. You do not want to go into the upper door — it leads to a dead end. What you need is the door on the bottom-left, opposite to the other one. It is not very noticeable, so you could miss it during your walkthrough and think that all of this is just a big dead end.Head through the door, go down and to the left so that you will find a room with another blue button at the end of the corridor. This blue button is only activated once — no need to worry about the timer.

Now follow another corridor and find an orange button in the upper left corner of the map. This one is similar to the first blue button and triggers a timer. Leave a character here and run to the upper right corner of the map to open the orange door. Then quickly switch back to your heroes and enter the room with the barbarians. By the way, here you will find a note for The Lost Brother quest, which tells the fate of Hanvaki’s great-grandfather.

Press the white button here. Same as the first white button, it can only be activated once. No timer here!

  • Here is an advice: You can make it in time through the timed doors with a character who activates them. To do so, step away from it and then click it so that the characters runs to it to open the door. As he does that, you will have plenty of time to switch to the characters who need to go through.

Gather all of your crew together and go through the blue door by pushing the first blue button in the top room (on the map). Stand next to the triple-colored door. You will need to quickly activate the orange and blue buttons, those will trigger the timer. Then switch to the farthest character and run through the colored door while it is open. There will be a button with three colors behind it. Push it to open all the doors in the dungeon. Talk to the Defaced Sister in the back of the room, defeat all opponents, and then go outside.

The third place to visit is the City of Hollow Eyes. Enter the crypt and talk to the Sister. Turns out there is nothing here but a fake door.

After exploring all three places, return to the Kellid Barbarian Camp. The Sisters will attack you. Deal with your enemies, then talk to Dugath to complete this quest. You will receive 900 XP.

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