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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Amiri Quest Walkthrough

Amiri Quest Walkthrough

Prove Your Worth

This quest is given from one of your companions, Amiri, and activates after you came back to Oleg’s Trading Post. The man should automatically talk to you and tell you about a wild boar called Tuskgutter. He asks you to kill it. If you agree to do it, two quests will be activated. You have to take Amiri with you to complete the quest ‘’Tuskgutter’’. Read more below.

Allow the girl to deal with Tuskgutter on her own, but the quest will not be finished. Amiri will say that she needs to destroy another monster.

Read the first paragraph of the story quest Nature of the Beast. There you’ll learn about Hodag. His lair is marked on the west of the region. Move there, go to the location and beat the beast up. Then talk with Amiri and you’ll end the quest.


Amiri will come to the throne room and ask you to meet her in the tavern. Do so and meet her, then head to the Six Bears Camp, located northwest of Tuskdale. Help the barbarians in their fight against the Skeletal Champions and then talk to Nilak and Chieftain Akaia.

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Head east from them to encounter more Skeletal Champions and the creature named Fionn. Loot the corpses along with the camp and return to speak with Nilak. Be advised, after speaking to him, you will leave the camp and won’t be able to come back.

Blood Calling

At a certain point, Amiri runs off to the Glebelon Uplands, where a battle between barbarians and Brevic army is bound to happen. Head there and aid in battle. Then go to the Six Bears Camp along with Amiri. Note that the old Six Bears Camp is now abandoned, so you will need to travel to a new one, at the southwest of Flintrock Grassland).

Listen to the ceremony, which results in Nilak becoming the chieftain instead of Akaya. Finally, you will be able to talk to Nilak and Amiri, and even give 1000 gold to the barbarians to earn some neutral good karma. This is the end of the quest.

Reforged Blade

Amiri comes to the throne room at the beginning of the fifth chapter and once again asks you to meet her in the tavern. Talk to her about whatever you want by visiting the tavern and receive a task to restore the blade.

Head to the throne room and choose ‘’Reforged blade’’ in the projects menu. Appoint the executor and spend 100 points. You will have to wait 45 days! When the time comes, head to the Six Bears Camp and decide what to do.

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