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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – An Ancient Curse Walkthrough

An Ancient Curse Walkthrough

An Ancient Curse, Part #1

Begins automatically after you complete the first act and become the ruler of the kingdom. Just travel around the world map, managing the main character and his squad. Explore the various ‘’blue’’ points that give certain bonuses to your kingdom. Near your fortress, there’s a location called Bald Hilltop: sooner or later, you’ll learn about activity there. Go to this territory and fight against spiders.

Return to the kingdom and execute the project ‘’Spider’s plague’’ after having dealt with spiders. After a while, visitors will arrive to the throne room and the second part of the quest will begin.

An Ancient Curse, Part #2

It is activated after the completion of the previous quest. As previously, you need to wait a specified period of time while completing other tasks. It is advisable to finish off the trolls before the deadline so that you do not have to fight against two opponents at once. When monsters appear appear, release an appropriate decree in the ‘’projects’’ section of the kingdom management system.

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An Ancient Curse, Part #3

Begins after the end of the countdown related to the previous quest. Go to the Bald Hilltop, which you have visited before (to the left of the capital of the kingdom). When a corresponding event appears, you will again need to send a person to the location ‘’Bald Hilltop‘’ in the menu. When he returns with the successful completion of the mission, the task will be completed.

An Ancient Curse, Part #4

Begins after the completion of the third part. For starters, you need to visit the throne room and discuss the problem with Linzi. After this, you will simply need to develop the kingdom, waiting for a new attack. At some point, approximately 20 days before the end of the countdown, you’ll be asked to visit the Bald Hilltop. Move there (keep in mind that it is located near the capital, at the upper left side from it). Defeat all enemies and complete this part of the mission.

An Ancient Curse, Part #5

Except for defeating the enemies on the Bald Hilltop, you should also deal with the Green Death event, otherwise, you’ll be losing five points of each of the three characteristics every week. So complete it as soon as possible to end the Part Five. The Part Six will start when a new guest will come to the throne room.

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An Ancient Curse, Part #6

The timer starts, and, first, you have to go to the Bald Hilltop and beat the enemies. Return to the capital right away and tackle the Wild Hunt event. Once you complete it, a visitor will arrive at the castle. Go to the throne room, talk with Storyteller who believes that the next attack from the Bald Hilltop might be the last one. Here the seventh (last) chapter starts.

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