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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Ancient Mine Walkthrough

Ancient Mine Walkthrough

Like the Lonely Barrow area, this is one of the few areas in the Kamelands that can be explored on the way to your destination. To get there, start from the Lonely Barrow and follow these directions:

  • East
  • Southeast (to reach Lake Silverstep)
  • East (along the northern shore of Lake Silverstep)
  • Northwest

If you’re traumatized by the harrowing Lonely Barrow area, don’t fear – the Ancient Mine is a relatively short area, comparable to the Bald Stones area. You can head east or north, but both paths lead to an elevated area to the northeast, where an Ancient Wyvern dwells. This beast is similar to the one you may have encountered at the Monster Den area, and while it’s not stronger, you certainly are. That being the case, you probably don’t need any spell-buffs; just try and flank it and watch out for its poison. When it dies, loot it for an Amulet of Natural Armor +2, then leave the area.

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