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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Bandit Camp Walkthrough

Bandit Camp Walkthrough

Bandit Camp locates northwest of the Lone House. Crow also flies in there. You should be care of routes because they necessitate you to move away your way a bit. So you can move around, now. What do you think  about being adventurous? Let’s try it. Just follow the directions we wrote below:

  • First Southwest
  • Second Southwest to reach the Murque River
  • Then Northwest
  • After that, North
  • And finally, East.

That’s all. I want to give some information about “bandit camp”. Firstly, it is uncertain when we talk about size. However, That place comprises 5 bandits. One of them is named Shortie, another one is Berta and a Bandit Leader. When you come with your tank to them, the bandits will begin to talk and discuss with Shortie proving himself an assigned task. What happened then is that Bandit Leader smells an opportunity and recognize your authority. Someone must be doubtful about their sincerity. However, if you have to be, choose an option to dialogue. It doesn’t matter. And they will offer to join your service.

What you see as Lawful Good option means to put bandits down by force. The another option Neutral Good option “muddles matters considerably by allowing them to join you if they “straighten themselves out and quit banditry”. The Chaotic Neutral option is also provide you to command them to leave your lands and they will never return. Lawful Evil option means to accept bandits into your services and until “taxes” they collect belong to you. Tha last one is Chaotic Evil. That option may allow bandits to enter your services. Then they can kill Shorite, first. That option may initiate a fight with Shorite against both your party and the bandits.

If you choose to eliminate the bandits rather than to fight them, basic magic buffs should be enaugh to see you to victory. “Your rewards for victory include the Bandit Leader’s Bastard Sword +1, and Light Shield +2, Berta’s Shortbow +1 and Shortie’s Shortsword +1 and Masterwork Shortsword, among other weapons and trinkets”.  But it is restricted to be worth a few GP.

Last a few words, it doesn’t matter what you chose, you can provide yourself stolen goods to help. I will write about where to find these goods in another topic.

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