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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Bury the Past Quest

Bury the Past Quest

Sooner or later, Elina from the tavern in the capital will come to the throne room. She will state that Ekun and Ntavi went hunting for giants on the Bridge over the Gudrin River. Go there, descend down the road and on the left you will find Ekun and Ntavi who are killing giants. Help them in the battle and then talk to the scout. The crazy one will attack you, so you will have to eliminate him. Ekun will survive this skirmish.

After this, go to the right and defeat all giants including their leader. The dialogue with Ekun will automatically begin. Choose what to do with him – expel, kill or spare. In the first two cases, the quest will be immediately completed. In the third case you will have to return to the capital and talk to Ekun. Ekundayo is located in the town square together with his wolf. Talk to him and complete the quest. You’ll get 900 experience points.

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2 thoughts on “Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Bury the Past Quest”

  1. There was no scout to speak to. After the first encounter with giants, Elina came running up and openly accused Ntavi of encouraging Ekun toward vengeance, after which Ntavi walked away and Ekun recognised he needed to deal with the loss of his family. This triggers the next part of the quest where Ekun asks that you meet with him at the location where you first met. Ekun and Elina subsequently depart together. I could then go East and kill off the remaining giants if I wished but there was nobody but my current squad involved in that action.

    P.S. The next phase of the quest involves a ceremony to remember Ekun’s lost family which is interrupted by the *Priestess* Ntavi and her goons seeking revenge for not being able to turn Ekun to “the dark side”. They drop some nice gear when defeated.

    P.P.S. Back at the “Feast of Feasts”, I spoke to Ntavi, but only about her background. I deliberately did not ask why she wanted to see me. Consequently, I failed that part of the quest (or did I?). Perhaps some failures result in better outcomes. [I think I could also follow through and get the wine, but then drink it myself, which also results in failure of that part of the quest.]

  2. I’ve had both results. And I think I got her the wine both times. My elf ranger convinced Ekun to perform the ceremony for his family.

    My dwarf Paladin didn’t get that option. So I now have a hunter…Ekun is a good egg but I’m wondering what trips the various quests.


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