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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Chapter 7 Sound of a Thousand Screams Walkthrough

Chapter 7 Sound of a Thousand Screams Walkthrough

Against All Odds

After you complete An Ancient Curse (Part Five), destroy the Wild Hunt on the Bald Hilltop and do the Kingdom project, a new segment of the task will start. Rule the kingdom until it’s 60-70 days before the preparation to the sixth part of An Ancient Curse. Linzi and the Storyteller will arrive at the castle and tell you that Nyrissa is going to attack the kingdom for the last time. Meanwhile, the portal to the First World has opened in the Thousand Voices.

Head for the Thousand Voices which is northwest of Pitax (the map is covered with trees). Find a dimension door for the Castle of Knives in the top left corner. When you get there, go up and right to find the Knurly Witch and the Wriggling Man. Deal with them, then talk with Shyka (you saw her in Nyrissa’s dream), and the First Crown quest will start.

Stay at this location and walk upwards, keeping the right edge. Go left and then right as far as possible and you’ll get to the portal to the First World.

The First Crown

You can find the first piece of the crown in the top left corner of the map. Go upwards, keeping the right edge, turn left and kill the Wriggling Men. Soon you’ll get to the hunter and the Crag Linnorm. Destroy the monster, investigate his body to find a shard of the first crown.

Return to Shyka and talk with Salim — you need to decide whether you keep the crown. If you decide to hand it over, you may claim a reward, and the quest will be finished.

The Secrets of Suramgamin

Walk to the left side of the Castle of Knives location to meet Kamala. Talk with her and agree to pass the trial: you’re supposed to persuade fairies to sit calmly while Kamala opens the portal. Discuss different topics using your diplomacy. The portal will open if you successfully demonstrate this skill. You can either attack the First World nymphs or let them go. This will be the beginning of the quest. Talk with Kamala and let her go. So, you’ve passed the trial of Kamala the Phoenix.

Next, you’ll tackle the trial of Visaka the Unicorn. Head for the Temple of the Elk, walk left as far as you can to find Visaka. Talk with him and agree to pass the trial. You’ll complete this quest even if you kill the monsters. It appears that you just need to hold them off.

Then Visaka will send you to Puja the Wolf on Talon Peak. Climb to the top of it and talk with the dwarf. He’ll be really rude and send you back to the Castle of Knives. Head for the castle to meet Puja just at the start of the location. Discuss different topics and accept his apology. Get more details on Suramgamin to pass the final trial of Vidya the Lion.

Walk northwest from here towards the Mobility Skill check. There you also need to talk with Vidya the Lion and agree to pass the trial. You should give the right answers to three questions concerning Suramgamin.

These are the possible questions:

  • Which gods does our order venerate? Shelyn, Irori, Iomedae, Sarenrae, Erastil, Abadar.
  • What does it mean to go the Way of the Hero? Make the world a better place
  • What is the name of a martial art that members of our order are taught? There are none (they are not being taught any martial art).
  • Where is the main temple of our order? Nowhere.
  • What did teacher Avalo do when he learned the truth? Organized debates about faith.
  • What does the name of our order mean? The way of the hero.
  • Where did teacher Avalo meditate as he learned the truth? In Arthfell Forest.
  • Where did our teacher come from? From Jalmeray.
  • What paths to achieving a master’s title are there in our order? The Ways of the Phoenix, Unicorn, Wolf, Lion (you’ve already talked to them), and Chameleon.

You’ll complete this quest after answering three questions. It would be probably enough to answer two of them. Then, go south, towards the place where you first met the members of the order, and hear the judgment. Each master will decide whether you worthy of pursuing the Wise Way. They will give your verdict.  We succeeded after completing all the trials but one. The quest will be finished, and you’ll get 9600 XP.

The Sound of a Thousand Screams

This quest will start after you get through the First World portal at the Castle of Knives location (in Against All Odds quest).

Talk to Evindra — she’ll give you the Magical Lantern. Get down to the well. If you activate the Lantern beforehand, you’ll find yourself in a basement, and if you don’t, you’ll get to the first floor. Nyrissa’s house has three floors — basement, first and second floors, and each of them has the Magic Fog. If you walk through the Fog without your lantern being turned on (you activate it when you choose the main character: open the additional menu by pressing the arrow on the lower access panel), you’ll switch from one world to another.

You’ll also meet all of your companions inside the house. Depending on your earlier decisions, some of them will be still alive, others — dead, and the remaining will be gone or rise up against you. This is what we have observed so far:

  • Valerie. She will stay with you only if you complete her tasks and attend the trial in the Temple of Shelyn and bring justice. In this case, she won’t have a scar on her face and will show her dedication in response to Nyrissa’s words.
  • Jubilost. Jubilost will defect to the side of Nyrissa and attack you if you don’t complete his task. But if you complete The Door to Nowhere quest, find Zeya and accept Jubilost’s decision, he will refuse Nyrissa’s offer. She’ll try to kill him but Zeya will save the gnome’s life.
  • Harrim. He dies in case you don’t help him during The Unmaking quest. But if you do that, he’ll remember all good things and wake up.
  • Tristian. Jaethal may or may not kill Tristian (in case he’s still alive) (read below).
  • Jaethal. She’ll stay with you if you have helped her during the Reveal My Destiny quest and have pointed out what she’s been turning into. If you have allowed her to kill her own daughter (and bring her back to life), Jaethal will kill Tristian. If Jaethal died at the end of the quest, she’ll show up at Nyrissa’s house but won’t kill Tristian (instead she’ll get back to your squad together with Tristian).
  • Regongar and Octavia. They will kill each other only if you haven’t completed their quests. Highborn at Heart is Octavia’s quest and No Man’s Slave is Regongar’s one. Cruel Justice quest probably has some effect on the story development: you have to save children from fire and leave the former slaveholder be. That’s exactly what we’ve done.
  • Ekundayo. Help the man during his Bury the Past quest and make him forgive his offenders. Then he’ll reject Nyrissa’s offer and return to your squad after you find him.
  • Amiri. You need to help her during her quests or otherwise she’ll leave your squad.
  • Nok-Nok. If you complete his quest (including the last mission — Nok-Nok and the King’s Return), he will feel high spirits and attack Nyrissa who will eventually kill him.

Both worlds have different enemies and different mirror sets. You are going to use these mirrors in Mirror Memories quest which is some kind of additional.  There are a couple of locked doors on the second floor. You need the door which is below the well and it leads to the throne room (at the center of the map). Nyrissa is waiting for you there. You need to collect three different keys in order to open this door. Wriggling Man and Knurly Witch have two of these keys. You’ll find the witch downstairs, on the first floor (in the left lower room basement). If she’s not here, just switch to another world, take the lantern away and use the fog. Wriggling Man can be found on the second floor in a spacious living room with the tables.

He’ll ask you to kill the witch, and she we’ll ask you to kill Wriggling Man. Regardless of your decision, both characters will betray the king, so you’ll have to kill them both.

As for the third key, it’s much harder to get it. Go down to the basement and find a big mass of fog in the room. Walk to the middle of the room where there’s no fog (a little bit upwards) and turn the magical lantern off. But before that make sure that there are some mirrors at the bottom left side and in the room where you have had a fight with Knurly Witch.

If you don’t find them here, get inside any fog (after turning the lantern off) in order to switch to the second world. Again, get to the middle of that basement room using your lantern, turn it off and go right (to the upper right side of the room).

You’ll find yourself in a small room with flowers. Go south-east, and the fog will teleport you into a room with a huge tree and some enemies — the key will fall out of one of them.

If there are no enemies, it means that you’ve traveled there from the world which doesn’t have the mirrors. So this is important to choose the right world in order to get there.

Once you get all the keys, come back to the second floor, open the door and get inside the throne room. Defeat Nyrissa and decide her fate. She will agree to take your thorn and enter into an alliance with you. Next, you are going to have a meeting with The Cursed King. After you finish talking with him, get inside the portal to bring to an end the chapter and give a start to a new episode.

Mirror Memories

First, you need to figure out which world you’ll need to travel to use your lantern. The first world has the mirror and the other doesn’t. Get to the first floor (there are also the basement and the second floor) and switch to the world that has a mirror in the lower right corner of the map (inside the room). For this you’ll need to get inside the magical fog with your lantern turned off. And don’t forget to turn it on later so the fog doesn’t teleport the characters.

Once you do it, activate the mirror and listen to the magician’s speech. This will start a new quest. You need to activate three mirrors in the right order:

  • The mirror in the center room on the first floor.
  • The mirror on the second floor, in a living room with long tables. It’s at the top right corner. There is also a big statue of Jabberwock. And you had a fight with Wriggling Man here during the previous mission.
  • The mirror in the basement room, right where you fought with Knurly Witch.

All the other mirrors are standard, and if you touch any of them and make a wrong order, just press the mirror once again starting with the mirror in the center room on the first floor.

So Shall You Reap

This quest appears only if you were not able to reach an agreement with Nyrissa and go after the Lantern King. You will have to visit three Eldest and fulfill their requests. The first character, the Lost Prince, will agree to help without getting anything in return. For Magdh the Three you will need to kill a Tane, which defeated Nyrissa earlier. Shyka the Many will ask you to solve a riddle. You have already solved one like this, back in the First World. This time you need to do everything backwards, moving from the flower in reverse direction. After completing this quest, you will be able to talk to Nyrissa.

Thanks to this, during the battle in the throne room, after beating the Lantern King, you will be able to say: ‘’Nyrissa, the time has come. We will do what we planned.’’ This way you will see a secret ending.

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