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Pathfinder: Kingmaker Chapter 8. The Cursed King Walkthrough

Chapter 8. The Cursed King Walkthrough

Once the chapter and the same-named quest starts, go to the right, get down and go for a mobility skill. Go through the destroyed capital and kill the enemies until you get to the magical barrier. Talk with the Storyteller and get outside through the passage below.

Talk to the Storyteller near the capital gates and stay here to have a rest. Then, you’ll need to visit four locations one by one (use the portal in the upper side of the location):

  • Varnhold;
  • Pitax;
  • Oleg’s Trading Post;
  • The Fossil Fields (Rostland’s borderlands).

You can visit them in any order but your time is limited (it’s shown in the quest description). At the Trading Post you’ll need to help Jhod Kavken and Oleg Leveton to resist the bandit shadows’ attack led by the Stag Lord. If you help them, the soldiers will return to the capital.

In Varnhold, Maegar Varn is fighting Vordakai’s shadow. Get there and eliminate all the Cyclops. Maegar will declare the fight is over. Besides, a new quest will start.

In Pitax you need to defeat Castruccio Irovetti and his clones. Next, talk with Evindra in the throne room to refresh the quest.

Move to the Rostland’s borderlands in order to get to the Fossil Fields. Destroy the shadows of fallen barbarians and Brevoy’s army. Get to Natala Surtova and Aldori and help them repulse the barbarians’ attack. When the fight is over, talk with the ladies, gain their support and go back to the capital through the portal.

Have a word with the Storyteller in his tent and tell him that you’re ready for the final battle. By the way, you can actually make it without visiting four locations (but the task would be harder to perform). Get through the portal in the right side of the map.

You’ll find yourself in a ruined capital. Move down, to the right and upwards killing the spies and Wild Hunt archers. After destroying them all, you’ll be able to enter the building which is in the upper right corner of the map.

Clear the ruined warehouse out, pick the Apology fragment, and the Storyteller will automatically come inside. Talk with him and have a rest if you want to. Give him the first fragment and go searching for the rest ones (use the upper left exit).

Follow the only possible way towards the left upper side of the map. Kill all the enemies and find the second fragment next to Jamandi Aldori.

When you pick it up, some more enemies will appear. Deliver the fragment to the Storyteller. Again, head for Aldori and find the entrance to the building above. Defeat golem in the building’s addition and go outside through the door upstairs. At the next location destroy the enemies and go to the lower right corner with two Jabberwocks standing there. Kill the dragons and pick the third fragment up. Bring the fragment to the Storyteller.

When you find all three fragments, you can go back to the castle and get inside. There you’ll have a battle against the Lantern King. The King will be taking different shapes but in the end he’ll meet you face-to-face. Pick any phrases, but if you get tested, you’ll gain additional experience points.

Next, you’ll have to defeat the Lantern King in his true blazing form and choose one of the possible endings:

  • Agree with the Lantern King and call a truce. The main character achieves immortality.
  • Take Nyrissa’s offer and start an endless war against the Lantern King. The main character achieves immortality.
  • Ask the Lantern King to forget that the kingdom exists. The main character becomes mortal.

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