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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Cruel Justice Quest

Cruel Justice Quest

The quest begins at the beginning of the fourth chapter ‘’The Varnhold Vanishing’’. Octavia and Regongar will arrive at the throne room and tell that a representative of Technic League was spotted in the tavern in the capital. Agree to help them.

Go to the specified area in the mountains to the right of your capital, not far from Varnhold, which is one of the main objectives of the fourth chapter. Go inside the shelter, defeat all opponents that you meet on your way and find Maestro Janush. He will escape anyway, so say that you need to save the slaves in the conversation of Octavia and Regongar. To release them, interact with each person in the cells. Them, proceed to Janush’s office and see how he teleports. Examine the items in the room to complete the quest and get 3200 experience points.

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4 thoughts on “Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Cruel Justice Quest”

  1. You don’t say it here but we have to find the spy in the tavern right? I can’t see him/her anywhere! Is it a glitch on my part??

  2. You want to pick the lock on the chest as well, (43) as it contains the an insane ring. It does so many things that im not going to list them all, but it sells for 20000 to put its worth in perspective.
    I managed to pick with linzy at +37 trickery at level 10.

  3. Well, I was able to kill him by not saving the slaves, so maybe that was implemented later?
    Anyway he;s dead, not much else there 🙁


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