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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Find the Temple of the Elk Quest

Find the Temple of the Elk Quest

This quest will be activated after you deal with bandits in the Thorn Ford during the quest A Bitter Rival. Here you can talk with Jhod Kavken. He asks you to tell him if you find the Temple of the Elk.

You can do it during the quest called Stolen Land when you’ll be near an abandoned shack (Stag asked to destroy it). Here you’ll find a note and learn how to find the Temple. You can also come across the location on your own (at the left side of the screen).

After you cleaned up an area and helped Tristian, a task will be updated – you should report on it to Jhod. Go to the trading post and have a talk with Kavken, who stands on the left of the entrance and sells magic scrolls. After the conversation with Jhod, you’ll receive two scrolls, which can rid you of a blindness status.

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2 thoughts on “Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Find the Temple of the Elk Quest”

  1. Finding the note isn’t enough. You need to tell the Spirit that you found a note about the Temple of the Elk and then it will show up on your map.

    You won’t be able to unlock the location just by passing by (even with great Perception). Perception is 33 at the moment and it didn’t show up. I intentionally did not tell the fey about the location.


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