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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Forsaken Mound Walkthrough

Forsaken Mound Walkthrough

To reach this location from the Kellid Barbarian Camp, use the following directions:

  • West
  • South
  • South
  • Southeast
  • East

This entire area is resolved via Illustrated Book Episode, and this is a particularly simple one. While you have lots of options, you don’t need to succeed at any to complete the area. All you’ll get for going out of your way (aside from a trifling bit of danger) is experience, which invariably follows every successful check in this Illustrated Book Episode.

The quickest way to get through this is:

  • We said the word given to us by the Defaced Sister.
  • …moved ahead down the corridor.

There are lots of options here, and a few checks you can make, but none of them are conducive to achieving your goal. Sometimes the best option is to not poke around where you don’t belong and see to your business as quickly as possible. If you pass the [Lore (Nature)] check or the [Perception] check, you’ll gain some experience. Also, if you pick the option “…tried to clean the mold off the walls.” you’ll get a [Knowledge (World)] check that also gives some experience if successful. If you want the most experience, give these checks a try.

  • [Knowledge (Arcana) 25] …examined the body of the Sister.

Again, you’ll get experience if you pass the optional [Lore (Religion)] check, but it’s not necessary. The [Knowledge (Arcana)] option doesn’t need to succeed, but you’ll get more experience if you do. Pass or fail, you’ll end up with the Cyclops Incense Burner for getting through this Illustrated Book Episode.

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