Pathfinder: Kingmaker – How to build a Kingdom Walkthrough

Pathfinder Kingmaker Walkthrough

How to build a Kingdom Walkthrough

It begins automatically once you have completed the first act and became the ruler of the kingdom. Open the map of Tuskdale (when you are on the world map in the kingdom management system) and select the line ‘’Map’’ in the upper right corner. Enter the village and build any building. Also, you need to appoint an advisor to any position, and then attach the Outskirts to the kingdom. This is done in the same management system, on the world map.

Later, you’ll be asked to improve the settlement to a town. This happens in the framework of one of the events which is not immediately available. Be patient, complete storyline quests and follow the situation in the kingdom. As soon as you add three regions, the event will be unlocked.

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