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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – How to cook?

How to cook?

The process of cooking is tied to your ration supply. If you have enough, you will be able to cook even in a cave, although not at all times (you still need fire for this), which means you also will not be able to rest. Rations are harvested during the hunt, but you can’t hunt in any of the dungeons or caves.

Each character has his own talents — one is a better hunter, another will be a great cook and the third one will make a good guard for your camp. When you start camping and the corresponding window opens, select the ‘’Edit’’ button on the left side of the screen. Here you can assign characters to certain duties. Hover over any companion or the main character, hold LMB and slightly move his avatar. In every empty window of the different activities, you will see a number — those can be both positive and negative. It is clear that it is better to assign a hero to an activity in which he has the highest numbers. Same with cooking.

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