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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Investigate My Death Quest

Investigate My Death Quest

At some point you’ll receive some visitors in your throne room. That will start a new quest. Head for the Old Sycamore location and bring Jaethal along. Move upwards to find the dead boar. Investigate him and you’ll find out where to go next. Go west (left) from the Old Sycamore towards the new location – Riverine Rise. There you should beat the elves. Jaethal will make one of the elves alive. It will tell the girl why Jaethal was attacked by the elves. Now you have to decide whether to kill the elf or not.

It’s time for you to deal with the merchant who has brought a dagger that shows Jaethal’s origin. To do this, you need to return to the capital, come to the town square and head for a place with a group of merchants (it’s just in the middle of the area). Enneo won’t be there but you’ll see Jaethal. Speak with her to complete the quest and get the farewell letter from Enneo and 750 XP.

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