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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Judgement of the Gods Quest

Judgement of the Gods Quest

The quest will start automatically after you receive a visitor in the throne room. You’ll get a letter related to Valerie and the Prism temple. Get to the town square and chat with the girl. Take her to your squad and go to the west to find the temple of Shelyn. Go inside and either eliminate all the sectarians or agree to have Valerie take part in the tribunal. During the procession, you can just keep silence: Shelyn will be found not guilty, and one of the fanatics with his guards will attack the girl. Kill them all. At the end of the fight, Valerie must talk to you first. If this did not happen, then there are a couple more enemies in the temple (search for them in every corner and finish them off to start a conversation).

Leave the temple and return to the capital. Go outside and talk to Valerie on the town square to complete this quest.

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  1. I cannot for the life of me locate this temple on the map. I’ve spoken to Valerie – the game says it revealed the location of the temple – and yet I can’t find it.

    Please provide a screenshot of the location or step by step instructions to the location if you are able. I am dead stuck.


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