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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Kellid Barbarian Camp Walkthrough

Kellid Barbarian Camp Walkthrough

Now that you’ve found the Striggan cave and learned the location of the barbarian camp, you’ve little left to do but head over there. If you killed the barbarians without learning the camp’s location, you’ll just need to follow the given directions blindly, but you should still find your way there, regardless.

  • West
  • North
  • East (to empty node near “Sepulchre of Forgotten Heroes” area)
  • East (northernmost of three eastern options)
  • East (to empty node near “Ruined Tower” area)
  • Northeast (to empty node near “Blood Furrows” area)
  • Southeast (path veers south)
  • Northeast

The barbarians are in these lands searching for… something. All you know is that some “Sisters” seem to be the brains behind the operation, and that the barbarians have not yet found what they’re looking for. It doesn’t seem obvious how this connects with Varnhold, as the Spriggan’s ouster – and occupation of that already-vacant Varnhold – appears to be circumstantial. Unless you grow wings and chase down that black bird, however, you have no other leads.

Celebrating with the Tiger Lords

When you arrive at the barbarian camp, head northwest to approach some guards near the gate. Without any fuss you’ll enter into an Illustrated Book Episode detailing your meeting with the barbarian chieftain – Dugath – who naturally demands you save any pressing business for the next morning, after a bit of merrymaking. Assuming you want to get on good terms with the barbarians, follow the instructions below:

  • …spilled his/her wine on the ground.

The real choice here ultimately boils down to drinking the wine or spilling it on the ground… or in other words, pouring a libation. The latter is the correct move, and this can also be achieved by picking …placed his/her faith in Amiri and followed her example. or placed his/her faith in Jubilost and followed his example.. The character in question has to be in the party, of course.

  • …either didn’t notice her or just decided it would be better to ignore her. or …asked the Tiger Lords who she was.

There’s no way to win favor here, only lose it. Fortunately, only one of the three options causes such an outcome. Avoid picking the [Lawful Good] option and all should be well.

  • …the tale of how we defeated the Stag Lord. or …a friendly sparring match. or …the bard’s song.

The inverse of the last option, this has three ways to gain favor, and only one way to hurt your standing. For the Stag Lord option, you’ll need to pass a [Diplomacy 21] check, and for the sparring match you’ll need to succeed at an [Athletics 20] check. Success will earn you favor, failure will lose you favor. The bard’s song is less risky – the barbarians will enjoy it without reservation.

Dugath and the Defaced Sister

Immediately after you finish celebrating with the barbarians you’ll witness a conversation between one of the Defaced Sisters – the spellcasting pariahs you weren’t allowed to dine with earlier – and Dugath, the leader of these barbarians. Her fellow sisters have apparently gone missing, and it is they who have the knowledge and skills essential to this expedition’s success. The rest of the barbarians here are more or less their muscle, although they (or at least Dugath) don’t seem pleased about their task. That’s not to say the Sisters are in charge, especially not with their depleted numbers. When Dugath throws his weight around and makes it clear that he’s not going to be helpful, the Sister will run off, leaving you to speak to Dugath alone.

Exhaust his dialogue options and be sure to ask “What are you looking for here?” followed by “How did it go? Did you find anything of interest?”. This will reveal the “Ruined Watchtower” area and the “Overgrown Cavern” area on your map, if you didn’t discover them already. Mostly, however, you’ll just get some background information on these barbarians and a not-so-subtle suggestion that you may need to talk to this Defaced Sister if you want to find out more about what these barbarians are looking for. This starts the quest The Lost Relic.

Talk to the Defaced Sister and be sure to avoid giving out your name – a black bird is perched nearby, and you don’t need to give it information so freely. Other than that, freely peruse her dialogue options to learn a bit about her quest. She’s not willing to go into specifics on what, exactly, they’re looking for, but will readily tell you (if you ask “What were you and Dugath arguing about?”) about her three missing Sisters, each of whom went on a quest from which they never returned.

Ask the sensible follow-up question “Do you have any idea where your sisters might be?” and she’ll give you three locations: the “Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes”, the “Forsaken Mound” and the “City of Hollow Eyes”. Ask about Varnhold’s fate and she’ll promise her Sisters know more of the city’s fate… It looks like you need to find these Sisters if you’re to discover what happened to your neighbor. She’ll end the conversation by telling you to remember the word “kheb”, which might just come in handy when navigating the Cyclopean ruins that litter this land. This starts the quest Along the Cold Trail, which will be your focus once you’re done with the barbarian camp.

Searching the Barbarian Camp

There’s not too much left to do here, but there’s a bit of loot to be had. Search a chest near Dugath’s tent to find a potion, some gold, and trinkets of lesser value, then head east to find Dag the Merchant. Pass a [Perception 20] check to notice a chest between Dag and the nearby tent to the northwest which will yield [Trickery 15] some food, mundane weapons, a scroll and… some coal?

Next talk to Dag, who unfortunately has little of interest to sell aside from the Smoked Trout and Hydra Pate Recipe. Oh well. Sell off any junk you may be carrying, then head to the southwestern edge of the camp to find [Perception 8] a pile of rocks behind a tent. Plunder it for an Ancient Cyclops Coin, then cross the bridge to leave the camp.

Before you leave the area, search the ditch west of the camp to find a corpse, which you can loot for an Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered Leather, along with some other, trivial items.

Exit out to the campaign map and have a look around to spot the areas marked by the Defaced Sister. The City of Hollow Eyes is to the north, the Sepulcher of Forgotten Heroes is to the west (just southeast of Varnhold), and the Forsaken Mound is a good hike to the south. You can go about clearing these in any order you wish – the directions given each time will be from the Kellid Barbarian Camp, which might as well serve as your base of operations for now.

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