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Pathfinder Kingmaker: Mercenary Builds (Gozreh Cleric & Sylvan Sorcerer)

Gozreh Cleric Build

Decent DC’s for heightened control Spells, pet, some heals, bit of damage, summons. Is not as good at the job as sylvan sorc is as he lacks some debuff spells and doesn’t double as a resident dazzler, but has heals, so if you have to condense roles – he will do fine. Better than companion clerics at any rate. Channels will mostly go to blessings of the faithful and that’s what your empty rounds should consist of.

Race Human
Alignment Any (with deity restrictions)
Deity Gozreh
Domains Water + Animal
Pet Leopard
Main Skills Perception
Secondary Skills
Important Gear Amulet of Dying wisdom, +Stat items, Ring of circumstances, Necromancer’s Staff.
7 15 15 7 19 > 24 11
Final Build
Cleric (Ecclesitheurge) Alchemist (Vivisectionist)
18 2
Leveling Guide
Level Take
1 Cleric – Spell Focus: Evocation // Spell Focus: Conjuration
2 Cleric
3 Cleric – Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration
4 Cleric
5 Cleric – Boon Companion
6 Cleric
7 Cleric – Heighten Spell
8 Cleric
9 Cleric – Extend Spell
10 Cleric
11 Cleric – Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
12 Cleric
13 Cleric – Skill Focus: Perception
14 Cleric
15 Cleric – Blind Fight
16 Cleric
17 Cleric – Extra Channel
18 Alchemist
19 Alchemist – Extra Channel // Cognatogen
20 Cleric

Key Spells: Entangle✝, Shield of Faith✝✝, Sound burst✝, Barkskin✝✝, Stat spells✝✝, Stinking Cloud (+heighten), Animate Dead, Archon’s Aura, Slowing Mud, Cloudkill, Vinetrap, Blade Barrier, Mind Blanks

✝Earlygame CC
✝✝Pet buffs

Sylvan Sorcerer

Your controller with some damage attached for late-game. Has a pet to carry his stuff.

Can be human to fit in Skill focus: Persuaion at the cost of effectively 2 AB.

Dazzling is taken so he doesn’t just stand there after initial control spells are fired. It’s useful, especially with maxed out charisma

Animate dead and bloodline spells will do fine as fodder summons.

40 Cha endgame + 2 fom bokken elixir = 42Cha, 10+9+16+2+1 = 38 Conjuration DC 10+9+16+2+(2)+1=38/40 Evocation DC before rods.

Has CC effects for every save, Attack the lowest. Pit/grease/vinetrap for reflex, Stinking Cloud for Fortitude, Chains of Light for Will.

Heighten all your CC spells. And damage spells too if you need something on the level.

Delay Poison Communal from a friendly cleric or alchemist will go a long way. Easiest CC combo in the game as it forces loads of saves.

Role Control/Support/Damage Dealer
Race Human
Alignment Any
Main Skills Persuasion (max)
Secondary Skills Stealth
Important Gear +Cha Helmet, +Stat items, Ring of Circumstances (Cha, Dex, DC, Skills), Amulet of Dying Wisdom, Rod Of Flaming Vengeance, Grandmaster Rod, Quicken Rod, other rods.
5 17 15 11 7 19
Final Build
Sorcerer (Sylvan) Alchemist (Vivisectionist)
18 2
Animal Companion
Name Leopard✝

✝Medium size, so won’t be so annoying to deal with

Leveling Guide
Level Take
1 Sorcerer – Spell Focus: Conjuration, Greater Spell Focus: Conjuration
2 Sorcerer
3 Sorcerer – Spell Focus: Evocation
4 Sorcerer
5 Sorcerer – Spell Specialization
6 Sorcerer
7 Sorcerer – Point-Blank Shot // Precise Shot
8 Sorcerer
9 Sorcerer – Heighten Spell
10 Sorcerer
11 Sorcerer – Weapon Focus: Ray
12 Sorcerer
13 Sorcerer – Dazzling Display // Improved Initiative
14 Sorcerer
15 Sorcerer – Greater Spell Focus: Evocation
16 Sorcerer
17 Sorcerer – Elemental Focus: Electricity
18 Sorcerer
19 Alchemist – Greater Elemental Focus: Electricity
20 Alchemist – Cognatogen
Spell Specialization
Level Spell
5-8 Magic Missile
9 Stinking Cloud
10-11 Acidic Spray
12-17 Chain Lightning
16+ Stormbolts
Spell Priority
Level Spells
1 Mage Armor, Grease, Magic Missile, Reduce Person, True Strike
2 Glitterdust, Mirror Image, Sense Vitals, Scorching Ray, Pernicious Poison
3 Stinking Cloud, Haste, Spiked Pit, Resist Energy (Communal)
4 Animate Dead, Greater Invisibility, Dimension Door, Protection From Energy (Communal)
5 Acidic Spray, Cloudkill, Vinetrap✝, Angelic Aspect, Echolocation
6 Chain Lighting, Heroism (Greater)✝✝, Chains of Light✝✝✝, Dispel Magic (Greater)✝
7 Legendary Proportions, Waves of Exahaustion, Firebrand, Changestaff✝
8 Stormbolts, Mindblank, Summon Nature’s Ally VIII
9 Tsunami

✝You will get this as a Bloodline spell, don’t have to pick it.
✝✝Or sirocco/hellfire ray if you don’t have too many phys attackers, so your bard can cover.
✝✝✝Can be skipped too. Will targeting spells are not the most important.

Alchemist Spells
Spell True Strike

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