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Pathfinder: Kingmaker – Mirror Memories Walkthrough

Mirror Memories

First, you need to figure out which world you’ll need to travel to use your lantern. The first world has the mirror and the other doesn’t. Get to the first floor (there are also the basement and the second floor) and switch to the world that has a mirror in the lower right corner of the map (inside the room). For this you’ll need to get inside the magical fog with your lantern turned off. And don’t forget to turn it on later so the fog doesn’t teleport the characters.

Once you do it, activate the mirror and listen to the magician’s speech. This will start a new quest. You need to activate three mirrors in the right order:

  1. The mirror in the center room on the first floor.
  2. The mirror on the second floor, in a living room with long tables. It’s at the top right corner. There is also a big statue of Jabberwock. And you had a fight with Wriggling Man here during the previous mission.
  3. The mirror in the basement room, right where you fought with Knurly Witch.

All the other mirrors are standard, and if you touch any of them and make a wrong order, just press the mirror once again starting with the mirror in the center room on the first floor.

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