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Pathfinder Kingmaker: Notable Loot Locations

Pathfinder: Kingmaker is the first isometric party-based computer RPG set in the Pathfinder fantasy universe. Enjoy a classic RPG experience inspired by games like Baldur’s Gate, Fallout 1 and 2 and Arcanum. Explore and conquer the Stolen Lands and make them your kingdom!

Pathfinder Kingmaker Loot Locations

I’ve started compiling a list of Notable loot I’ve found. Some of the items were taken from a guide written during the beta, so it may not be 100% accurate.

It is sorted by location, and a lot of the loot may not be that “notable”, but it should be handy for people playing through that chapter.

1Token of the DryadUnder tree south of Corax
1Greataxe +1Loot Corax
Ruined Watchtower
1Torag’s PendantAt the entrance
1Trollreaper +1 greataxe; 1d6 acidChest in tower
1Breastplate +2Chest in tower
1Soot-Blackened ApronChest in tower
1Recipe: Onion SoupTorag’s Statue
1Full Plate +1Torag’s Statue
1Belt of Physical Perfection +2Torag’s Statue
1Studded Leather Armor +2Southwest corner on body
1Amulet of Natural Armor +1Northeast corner in stump [P22]
1kukriNear Ekundayo
1Dwarven Helm ShardHidden, left of Torag’s Statue [P16[ [T15]
1Cloak of Resistance +1Under the tent near 2 bandits
1Handaxe +1Dead bandit in SW
1Shard of Knight’s BracersLocked [T16] chest South of Bandit Camp
1Dwarven Helm ShardRubble East of Bridge [P6]
Lone House
1Turquoise BroocheBandit Loot
1Amulet of Agile FistsNext to Merchant’s corpse
1Dwarven Helm ShardNE corner [P7]
1Potion of Cure Serious WoundsBandit Leader
1Belt of Mighty Constitution +2Bandit Leader
2Potion of Enlarge PersonBandit Leader
1Torag’s PendantBandit Leader
1Masterwork Bastard SwordBandit Leader
1Protector of the Unjust – Heavy Shield +2, +2 AC against lawful or good charactersBandit Leader
1Full Plate MailBandit Leader
1Wand of FireballCorpse By Bandits
1Amulet of Natural Armor +2Corpse By Bandits
1Shard of Knight’s BracersCorpse By Bandits
1Bastard Sword +1Hidden in Bandits corpses [P17]
Lone House – Wizard’s Laboratory
2Scroll of FireballBehind hidden door in trapped chest
1Cloak of Resistance +1Behind hidden door in trapped chest
1Bracers of ArcheryBehind hidden door in trapped chest
1Arcane Protector (Dagger)Loot from Killing Bartholomew
1Cloak of Resistance +2Loot from Killing Bartholomew
1Headband of Vast Intelligence +4Loot from Killing Bartholomew
1The Crusher – Oversized +2 Great ClubTroll Troubles Quest: Troll’s Loot
Wilderness Clearing
1Light Shield +2Loot from Hendric
1Bastard Sword +1Loot from Hendric
1Scale Mail +2Loot from Hendric
1Shortsword +1Loot from Shortie
1Shortbow +1Loot from Berta
1Heavy Mace +1Box by cart
1Wand of Cure Light Wounds – 31 chargesBox by cart
Swamp Witch’s hut
1Ring of Protection +2Hidden near East Werewolf [P24]
1DemolisherNear Dorsy the Ghoul
1Chainshirt +1Murder the Fey
1Recipe: Fish on a StickChest by Witch’s Hut
1Wand of Burning Arc – 27 ChargesCorpse near Scythe Tree
1Cloak of Resistance +2Release Dorsy the Ghoul
1Phylactery of Possitive ChannelingRelease Wilbur the Specre
1Swordsman’s Passion – Agile +2 Dueling SwordPassed the Owlbears
1Gloves of DuelingNorth-most poison cloud north of Scythe tree [P26]
1Leather Armor +2Corpse in Hidden area behind Witch’s Hut
1Recipe: Shepherd’s PieLoot Old Beldame
1Cypress Queen Flowerbotom right corner near scythe tree loot body
1Ring of Protection +1Desecrate Corpse on small island south of Tatzlwyrms
1Shard of Knight’s BracersArea with three Giant Slugs
Monster Den
1Recipe: Succulent SausaugesCart by entrance
1Lucky Longbow – +1 Lucky Composite LongbowBody by wyvern
1Scalemail +1Body by wyvern
Secluded Lodge
1Cloak of Resistance +2Passed locked door (key or [T28]), second floor
Wolf Lair
1Melted Shard of a RingWest of Wolves
Verdant Chamber
1Token of the dryadbig tree in courtyard
1Piece of skymetalnear exit (east)
1Leather Scrap covered in Ancient RunesHidden [P9] SW of staircase
Mud Bowl
1Frost GreatAxe +1Corpse on West Side
Bridge over Gudrin River
1Half Plate +2Trapped chest passed Tazylwyrms [P22] [T22]
1Melted Shard of a Ring
1Melted Shard of a RingHidden in Rocks [P7] passed wolves
1Shock Dagger +1South of Tigni’s Wagon [P22} [T22]
1Flaming Earth Braker +2Body in Crag Linnorm’s Cave
1Taldan WhipBody in Crag Linnorm’s Cave
1Professor’s Hat – Portable bag of holding +2 to all skill checksBody in Crag Linnorm’s Cave
1Extend Metamagic RodBody in Crag Linnorm’s Cave
1Arcane Protector – Dagger +1 with +3 to dodge and immunity to nauseatedHidden [P22] In bandit camp
Whitish Hills/Kobold Trail
No notable loot
“Random” Encounter, Trolls and Kobold Flame Shaman
1Cloak of Resistance +2Loot Kobold Flame Shaman
1Wand of BlessLoot Kobold Flame Shaman
Troll Wilderness
1Hide Armor +3Loot Jazon
1Amulet of Natural Armor +2Loot from greater trollhound
1Dwarven Helm ShardBarrels Near Entrance
1Mithril Breastplate +2 “Heart of Valor”Chest on south wall
1Dwarven Helm ShardChest on south wall
1Shard of Knight’s Bracers
Troll Lair
1Belt of Physical Might +2Loot Kargadd
1Soot-Blackened GlovesLoot Kargadd
1Recipe: Seasoned Wings and ThighsSouthern Cell in Kargadd’s room
1Dwarven Helm ShardSouthern Cell in Kargadd’s room
1Frost Greatsword +1Hidden treasury near Kobold Artist [P20]
1Headband of Vast Intellect +2Hidden wall to the NE of Hidden Treasury
1Devourerer of Metal – +1 Oversized greater corrosive composite LongbowHidden [P22] Trapped [T22] Locked [T19] in room near moon dial
1Dwarven Helm ShardLoot Nagrundi
1Heavy Shield +1Hidden [P20] Stack near Sun dial
1Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2Kobold Flame Shaman
1Dwarven Helm ShardRubble near Jazon
1Shock Light Crossbow +1/
1Chainmail +2Locked [T23] Chest in room with Spiders
1Keen Longsword +1SW corner room
1Shock Frost Heavy Mace +1Room by South exit
1Soot-Blackened HammerRoom by South exit
1Headband of Inspired Wisdom +2Room with statues and Kobold Teacher [P21]
1Blessed Path – Full Plate +2 with Blessed property (+2 WIS, +2 CHA)Solve the Sun/Moon Puzzle
1Dwarven Helm ShardArea with Three chests
1Bracers of Armor +3Chest in Furnace room
1Soot-Blackened TongsChest in Furnace room
1Mallet of Woe – +3 Heavy Mace, grants freedom of movement and 2d6 damageLoot Hagurka
1Belt of Physical Might +4Loot Hagurka
1Headband of Alluring Charisma +4Loot Tartuk
1Ring of Protection +2Loot Tartuk
1Ring of LuckLoot Tartuk
1Scroll of Raise DeadChest in Fire
Lizardfolk Village
1Bound Thunder – Shock Trident +1 which can cast Lightning Bolt 1/day – 10d6Loot Lizardfolk King
1Hide Armor +1Loot Lizardfolk King
1Amulet of Natural Armor +1Loot Lizardfolk King
1Composite Longbow +1Loot Lizardfolk
1Studded Leather +1Loot Lizardfolk
1Shard of Knight’s BracersLocked [T35] hest near King
1Cloak of ShadowsOutside village, Hidden [P25] Chest by Monitor lizards
Hodag lair
1Shard of Knight’s BracersHidden [P7] in some Foliage
Ratnook Hill
1Shock Sai +1Loot Wererats
1Padded Armor +1Loot Wererats
1Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2Loot Wererats
2Shortsword +1Loot Wererats
1Leather Armor +2Loot Wererats
1Headband of Vast Intelligence +2Loot Wererats
1Wand of ShieldLoot Wererats
Bald Stones
1Flaming Glaive +2Loot Greater Nightmare
1Full Plate MailLoot Greater Nightmare
Ancient Mine
1Amulet of Natural Armor +2Loot Ancient Wyvern
A ford Across the Skunk River
1Shard of Knight’s BracersHidden by the river [P7]
1Ring of Protection +1NE Corner
1Recipe: Galt RagoutNW, in chest
1Torag’s PendantHidden West [P19]
1Soot-Blackened BrandSE Camp
Bald Top Hill
1Ring of Protection +1Silky Drop: An Ancient Curse Quest
1Wyvern Skin CloakSilky Drop: An Ancient Curse Quest
1Amulet of Natural Armor +2Lost Sister: Ancient Curse Quest, Part 2
Candlemere Tower
1Robe of Earth – +2 DC to Acid SpellsBox by boat (hidden) [P28]
1Wand of Crushing DespairCache southeast part of map [P30]
1Shard of Despair – +2 Confusing DaggerBody on the way to tower
1Noble Hammer – +3 WarhammerLocked box passed the cave [T28]
1Full Plate +2Right by Entrance to upper area
1Ancestral Dwarven Shield – +2 Heavy Shield DR2/-Chest Easte of upper area.
1Cypress Queen’s FluteLoot Duke Dazzlefare
1Quarterstaff +1Loot Rismel
1Cloak of Resistance +1Loot Rismel
1Ring of Protection +1Requires Chaotic. Return with news to Gunderson
Ironstone Gully
1Headband of Alluring Charisma +4Box at northwest corner [P20] [T11]
Lonely Barrow
1Second Execution. +1 undead bane greataxeContainer in the room with the Lone Warrior skeleton.
1Belt of Mighty Constitution +4Secret room end of southwest corridor
1Melted Shard of a RingLoot Bandit Leader
1Chainmail +2Southern Crypt
1Frost Greatsword +1Greater Seletal Champion Berserker
1Full Plate MailGreater Seletal Champion Berserker
1Ring of LuckRoom with Lonely Warrior
1Taldan StirrupRoom with Lonely Warrior
1Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered LeatherSoutheastern side door, Sarcophagus
Ancient Scrap of Script-Covered LeatherSame room as above, southern Sarcophagus
1Robe of WaterEast Room
Arbor Rock
1DiamondLoot from Huge Earth Elemental
Hilltop Trail
1Bracers of Armor +5Body in Other World
1Amulet of Mighty Fists +1Loot Dweormelion in Other world
Dappled Quagmire
1Chilly Midnight Sickle +3; 1d4 Dexterity damage Fortitude DC17 on hitChest by hydra at center of map
1Piece of SkymetalBody by northeast corner
1Piece of SkymetalCache by southeast corner
Lake Silverstep Village
1Recipe: Grilled Silver EelLocked [T22] chest in SW
1Amulet of Natural Armor +2Cache by swouthwest house [P27] [T25]
1Scimitar +2 “Slicer”, Runic MagebladeChest by Cyclops Tomb [T28]
1Greataxe +1Undead Cyclops
1Light Shield +2Cache east of east house [T30]
1Kama +2 “Talon of the Wise”Body southeast corner of map
1Cyprus Queens Quill(Hidden) Chest by Cyclops Tomb
1Wand of Burning Hands – 40 chargesBox in SW
1Longsword +1Loot Ivar
1Chainmail +2Loot Ivar
1Recipe: Grilled Silver EelLoot Ivar
Silverstep Grove
1Longsword +1Loot Ivar
1Chainmail +2Loot Ivar
1Belt of Physical Form +2Loot Ivar
Thorn River Bank
1Ring of Protection +1Loot in quest “Investigate my Death”
1Elven Curved Blade +1Loot in quest “Investigate my Death”
Wilderness Encounter (Plotline)
1Deadly Grace – +1 Keen Agile Unfair Advantage RapierLoot Stefano Moskoni
1Lightning Duelist – +1 Shock dagger with +4 Initiative and +1 DodgeLoot Stefano Moskoni
1Chainshirt +2Loot Stefano Moskoni
1Ring of Protection +1Loot Stefano Moskoni
Tenacious Marsh
1Assassin’s Chainshirt +4; +4 to critical confirmation rollBody by slug
1Leather Scrap covered in Ancient RunesBody by slug
Sunny Hillock
Dragonleaf Gulch
1Padded Armor +2Body in northeast corner
1Agile Shortsword +2Body in northeast corner
Hunting Grounds
1Kneesplitter – Giant Bane Heavy Pick +2Hidden {P25] in Locked [T28] area near Wyverns
1Wyvern’s HeadGet it from the Embeth Hunters
1Owlbear’s HeadKill Greater Owlbear
1Wand of Searing Light 11 ChargesLocked [T27] Near Ancient Wyvern
1Recipe: Hunter’s RoastLocked [T27] Near Ancient Wyvern
1Melted Shard of a RingSmall chest near Ancient Wyvern
1Melted Shard of a RingLoot Primal Giant Flytrap
2Dueling Sword +1Julia and Edna Aldori
2Studded Leather +1Julia and Edna Aldori
2Cloak of Resistance +1Julia and Edna Aldori
1Melted Shard of a RingLoot Poisonous Hydra
1Shard of Knight’s BracersLoot Giant Flytrap
Oleg’s Outpost Revisitted (Valerie’s Quest)
Flail +2Loot Fredero
Full Plate +2Loot Fredero
Belt of Giant Strength +4Loot Fredero
Ring of Protection +2Loot Fredero
Amulet of Natural Armor +2Loot Fredero
Goblin Village
Taldan HorseshoeHidden [P7] on the hill south of the goblin merchant
1Beastrender – Falchion +2 with Animal BaneBarrel At hut in NW of map
1Melted Shard of a RingHill in NW of Village
2Ring of Protection +1Loot Alchemist
1Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2Equipped on Nok-Nok
1Belt of Incredible Dexterity +4Hidden [P15] sack west of Goblin Merchant
Goblin Fort
1Ring of Protection +1Loot Goblin Alchemist
1Masterwork Bowgun
1Melted Shard of a RingBox by First Prisoner’s Cage
1Robe of Air – +2 DC bonus to Electric spellsBox by First Prisoner’s Cage
1Energy Source (Ring). 2 extra Channel Energy per dayBox in East part
1Shard of Knights BracersHidden in east side
1Bracer’s of Armor +4In Box by Drunken Goblins
1Mothers Warmth – Fire Keen Kukri +2East of many cages beside hut
1Ring of Protection +1Goblin Alchemist
1Melted Shard of a RingOn body of a Goblin Commando, in upper part of goblin fort, pretty central on map
1Ring of Protection +1In box by said Goblin Commando
1Dogslicer +1In box by said Goblin Commando
1Wand of Stinking cloud – 4 chargesLocked [T25] box left of shrine
1Stubborn Head – Helmet – +3 DEX, +3 Natural Armor +4 Saves vs deathGoblin King
1Taldan SpurDrops from Shaman in SW
1Longshank Bane +1 SpearDrops from Shaman in SW
1Breastplate +2Drops from Shaman in SW
1Belt of Physical Form +4Drops from Shaman in SW
1Paragon of Winter – Ring – Cold Resistance 30 and vulnerability to fire for wearer and it’s summonsDrops from Shaman in SW
1Mother’s Care – Frost Keen Kurkri +2Hidden [P26] Locked [T24] Chest below King’s “court”
1Vest of Hundred Pockets – Hundred Pockets (+5 Trickery) Studded Leather +2Locked [T27] box SW of King’s Court
Womb of Lamashtu
1Javelin +2Room with Spiders, east of entrance
1Headband of Inspired Wisdom +4Locked [T31] chest in Room with Spiders, east of entrance
1Shock Greatsword +1In a chest in the center north room
1Decapitator – Furious Keen Falcata +2Locked [T27] chest in West Room with Spider ambush
1Shard of Knight’s BracersChest in West Room with Spider ambush
1Wand of Lightning Bolt 21 chargesEast most room
1Peridot WyvernLocked [T29] Chest SE room
1Bracers of Armor +4Locked [T29] Chest SE room
1Metal Shard of RingLoot spider in one of the east rooms
1Belt of Physical Form +4Chest in one of the east rooms
1Cypress Queen’s CrownPrimal Manticore
1Banded Mail +3Room with Large Flower
1Agile Estoc +1In Hidden [P32] Locked [T30]chest, room with large flower
Saint Galvan’s Gullet
1Hide Armor +3Loot from cyclops
1Greatclub +2Loot from cyclops
1Amulet of Natural Armor +2Loot from cyclops
1Ring of Protection +2Loot from cyclops
1Trident +3Corpse by cyclops
1Amulet of Mighty Fists +2Hidden [P35] cache inside cave
Empty Skull Rock
1Keen Elven Curved Blade +1Hidden [P20] Box inside North Cave
1Bracers of Armor +4Hidden [P20] Box inside North Cave
1Cloak of Resistance +1Bone pile in South Cave
Shrine of Lamashtu
1Melted Shard of a RingBy offering shrine
1Gift of death. Kukri +2. Unholy.sacrficial (+2 if opponent is stunned, paralysed or nauseated)Hidden [P28] in east chest
1Frost Falchion +1Hidden [P25] SE corner of map
Talon Peak
1Ring of Protection +1Loot from bandits
1Amulet of Natural Armor +1Loot from Roc
1Skullcrusher (+2 Heavy Mace, Heavy Blow (Stuns for 1d4 rds at critical hit))Behind Secret Door (Riddle: Middle Button, Stairs Button, Left Button, Right Button)
Brown Baldhead
Nothing of note
Swamp Ruins
1Belt of Strength +4Loot from Devourer
1Amulet of Natural Armor +3Loot from Devourer
1Ring of Protection +2Loot from Devourer
1Cloak of Resistance +2Loot from Devourer
1Leather Scrap Covered in Ancient RunesLoot from Devourer
1Leather Scrap Covered in Ancient RunesBy the Entrance
Rill and Spill
1Leather Scrap Covered in Ancient RunesLoot Lady of Shallows Inside portal
Baneful Bog
1Hide Armor +1Loot King Itshar
1Amulet of Natural Armor +1Loot King Itshar
Six Bears Camp (Pariah Quest)
1Frost Greataxe +1Loot Fionn
1Banded Mail +2Loot Fionn
1Switfoot Boots – Speed +10Loot Fionn
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Written by Unikatze

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